1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @pegasusjones @sprite Look at me...I absolutely sucked at making music, but now I'm remixing tracks and there are a few people who actually like them. :3

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:33:45 UTC from web
    2. @sprite What exactly are you trying to do?

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:36:20 UTC from web
    3. @pegasusjones @sprite Seriously. Some of the remixes I do are incredibly difficult to make and take me days to make. On some tracks, I have to make my own background samples, leads and loops just to make the song sound appealing.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:39:19 UTC from web
    4. @sprite It takes a lot of practice. Being a pro gamer is like being a pro athlete. It takes a lot of focus, practice and training. I'm pretty sure you've heard of the gamer known as "Fatality". He didn't become the world's best Quake FPS player over night. He literally was playing video games competitively for over 15 years.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:41:31 UTC from web
      1. @huggablysoft @sprite Also, you can't let yourself be intimidated by other people. You just have to focus on what you can and will do. Like for me, I'm not a professional remix artist and I pale in comparison to my idols, Deadmau5, Alex S and Sim Gretina, but I'm still giving it my best effort and not giving up on what I'm doing.

        Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:43:50 UTC from web
    5. @pegasusjones Oh, I'm a rocker by the way, that's my genre of music. ^^ Talk about late puting that one out there. lol

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:43:59 UTC from web
    6. @pegasusjones @sprite Exactly. Don't give up before you even give it your absolute best 110%. If you fail, pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and keep trying again and again until you gradually get better.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:45:38 UTC from web
    7. @pegasusjones Fender strat. Got to love the Fender brand. ^^

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:46:44 UTC from web
    8. @sprite Keep telling yourself that and you'll never be successful. It took me 11 years...yes 11 YEARS to get as good as I am right now at remixing.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:48:04 UTC from web
    9. @pegasusjones Mmmm, that sounds just tasty. ^^

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:49:10 UTC from web
    10. @pegasusjones @sprite Exactly. Don't immediately give up just because you've failed a few times. Keep going. Its how people get good at what they do. No one is born knowing how to do something professionally. It takes years of patience and practice.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:53:28 UTC from web
    11. @pegasusjones @sprite Look. This was me about 8 years ago: .... and this is me now: That's 8 years of time passed. If I gave up just like what you're doing right now, do you honestly think that I would even be making music tracks right now?

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 01:57:33 UTC from web
    12. @sprite It took me a total of 11 years of working at it to produce the music that I'm making now. The first 2 years of my musical path was full of the pain of failures, horrendous songs and barely even knowing how to play the notes to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:01:45 UTC from web
    13. @sprite Then give up and do something else.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:06:49 UTC from web
    14. @sprite You're just not bothering to look for something else to do

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:08:31 UTC from web
    15. @sprite What do you expect when you want to give up so easily at something claiming that it's impossible when a lot of people have found success in what you're trying to do?

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:09:40 UTC from web
    16. @sprite You give up on yourself consistently and the people who are trying to help you are going to eventually just give up on helping you because of how much you keep punching yourself down a ditch.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:10:57 UTC from web
    17. @sprite The MLG wouldn't exist if it weren't for these people. Try that one for starters.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:11:45 UTC from web
    18. @sprite You're kidding right? The MLG consists of quite literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PLAYERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:13:26 UTC from web
    19. @sprite You know what? As negative as you are about everything, I'm just going to end this conversation right here and right now, because it's obvious that you've just given up on it all because you ran into a few failures.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:15:01 UTC from web
    20. @sprite How do you even know that you won't? Just because you failed a few times? God. I've failed for YEARS but I'm still not giving up on making music. Seriously, if I had the same mentality as you, I wouldn't have a SINGLE FREAKING TRACK made.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:18:00 UTC from web
    21. @sprite Do you think I animate because I want to be "pro" at it? I am not and probably will never be that good at it and I still do it. Because it's fun. I don't play to win. Because it's super unrealistic.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:19:03 UTC from web
    22. @sprite " I am usually very understanding of my fellow nerds and geeks, but in this case, my friend, please listen: Forget about virtual reality for a while and get a real life in the real world. Move out of the basement. Get some furniture. Get some decent clothes. Join reality, then, perhaps, virtual reality will be just a hobby, which is all it should be."

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:20:54 UTC from web
    23. @sprite Ok first of all being a pro gamer should never be your top priority. Second of all, yes. Constantly.

      Friday, 09-Aug-13 02:21:44 UTC from web