1. best night ever episode got confirmed to be the Grand Galloping Gala episode #

    Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 01:22:38 UTC from web
    1. @plaster Awesome! was kind of hoping for a two parter finale though...oh well

      Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 01:26:58 UTC from web
      1. @ditzydoo i have my sources who say that it is a 2-parter.

        Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 01:28:26 UTC from web
      2. @ditzydoo Don't lose hope just yet. There have been reliable (but obviously unconfirmed) reports that we do have a two-parter to look forward to.

        Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 01:29:45 UTC from web
    2. @applebloomsarepetalknives Oh papayas now I'm excited

      Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 01:33:41 UTC from web