1. These past two months have been very depressing for me.

    Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:06:29 UTC from web
    1. @doates why?

      Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:06:46 UTC from web
      1. @mushi hi there

        Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:08:53 UTC from web
        1. @cajunbrony23 ohai

          Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:09:50 UTC from web
          1. @mushi sup

            Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:19:55 UTC from web
            1. @cajunbrony23 i was playing a Game, now i'm here untill they kick me away from the pc :\

              Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:21:01 UTC from web
              1. @mushi :(

                Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:23:21 UTC from web
                1. @cajunbrony23 yeah, we're having problems with comuputers here

                  Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:24:34 UTC from web
      2. @mushi My dad has been out of work due to the government shutdown (works for.the park service) and my grandmother, after two years battling stage four cancer, has been diagnosed with severe leikimeia. She decided to not to take the treatement due to the low perce tage of it working amd the severe amounts of chemo needed.

        Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:09:48 UTC from web
        1. @doates dman, man, that sucks...

          Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:10:50 UTC from web
          1. @mushi My dad hopes that the shutdown doesn't last another week, otherwise he will file.for Unemployment benefits. He has been throughthe shutdown that happened in the 90's so, he knows the drill.

            Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:13:19 UTC from web
            1. @doates well, i don tkno wabout governments mango downs, i didnt even kno wthey could do that

              Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:14:08 UTC from web
        2. @doates I'm sorry to hear all of that. If you need to talk, we're all here.

          Monday, 07-Oct-13 01:12:39 UTC from web