1. @pony !bestgame LP of sorts - opinions? :P

    Thursday, 31-Oct-13 08:48:49 UTC from web
    1. @coffeecream LP?

      Thursday, 31-Oct-13 08:49:39 UTC from web
      1. @pony Let's Play... basically starting from scratch (using Bluestacks on my PC) and recording my playthrough, cutting out the boring waiting bits and probably the playing with ponies after a while, things like that, playing toward the end goal of unlocking all the Harmony Stones I guess?

        Thursday, 31-Oct-13 08:52:44 UTC from web
        1. @coffeecream oh that'd be pretty sweet actually! I'd love to be able to see and hear the dialogues from the game. It has original voice acting after all. But I doubt you'll get it to work on Bluestacks unless you have a decently powerful PC AND Bluestacks suddenly supports !bestgame Last time I tried it it didn't. I have seen a sort of playthrough from what I assume was a Mac though

          Thursday, 31-Oct-13 08:57:33 UTC from web
          1. @pony I didn't see much of it, but I think it works now... I'll have to try to get past the intro movie just to make sure :P

            Thursday, 31-Oct-13 09:02:03 UTC from web
            1. @coffeecream okidoke. I really hope it does now! Part of the reson it may work now too is that the game has been updated and improved significantly.

              Thursday, 31-Oct-13 09:04:42 UTC from web
              1. @pony you're in luck :)

                Thursday, 31-Oct-13 09:09:48 UTC from web
                1. @coffeecream nice!

                  Thursday, 31-Oct-13 09:25:22 UTC from web
              2. Hmmmmmm

                Thursday, 31-Oct-13 11:53:21 UTC from web