1. !labronies !socalbronies Hey everybody just got back from the meat great times as always but we talked about something interesting. why dose socal not have a big meetup like other places. I know we have enough bronies to do this but it seems we have to many small quick meetups. well me and a few other bronies are going to be scheduling a larger meetup. where LA. When currently the holiday season is a prime time but we dont want to interfere with Christmas or newyear so we are still willing to change but at the very least it will have a 2 mouth announcement time. Many of you from Oc may complain about it being to far well not only will this be a big meet we will be setting up a carpool list. im gonna get one more message up explaining the eccentricity of this event.

    Monday, 22-Aug-11 00:25:24 UTC from web
    1. @somoking I was just talking to a friend about that. The only big west coast meet we've had was all the way up in Portland. !socalbronies and !labronies need a big meet up. I'm in the Oceanside/Vista area for the school year and I'd be willing to help plan one.

      Monday, 22-Aug-11 00:29:18 UTC from web
      1. @gear thats cool currently im looking for locations in La that would be willing to hold us the best way to do this is tell them that its a meetup and it will draw in a bunch of people. another way to do this is to find a studio that would be willing to let us stay. in essence the first thing we need is a space and then we can start planning everything else. Along with that if you are present in any other forums that have a socal presence then please talk about this there

        Monday, 22-Aug-11 00:51:09 UTC from web
        1. @somoking Sure can do! I know of a a few bronies in the socal area and I follow the mod for labronies on tumblr. I'll see what I can do to help. :)

          Monday, 22-Aug-11 00:56:47 UTC from web
          1. @gear thank you very much im going to be contacting a few groups i know like i said any ideas are welcome. we want sort of a list of things we can do and although i already have some basic things we can do i would love to extend this and get some full on activities.

            Monday, 22-Aug-11 01:16:17 UTC from web
    2. @somoking I thought that the LA County Fair could be a good place & time for one, but I don't think that fits your two-month notice.

      Monday, 22-Aug-11 00:31:15 UTC from web
      1. @scribus we could do that the only problem is the oc fair dosent really offer a place for us to stay and walk around meets are a bit limited

        Monday, 22-Aug-11 00:48:14 UTC from web
        1. @somoking True, true. Well, that leaves me a bit out of ideas, then. Not that I don't still think the Fair could be good, it just won't be West Coast's largest material.

          Monday, 22-Aug-11 02:11:54 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          1. @scribus Ya i think the oc fair would be a great idea and if you want to set it up i would be willing to come. Anyways if you have any ideas please shoot them my way right now im trying to find what we want to look for in a location. although we wont be able to get something perfect its good to know what you want .

            Monday, 22-Aug-11 02:33:21 UTC from web