1. Who is this Discord people keep mentioning?

    Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:10:42 UTC from web
    1. @thelastgherkin I think somepony in the first episode of season 2.

      Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:12:53 UTC from web
    2. @thelastgherkin The potential villain in the season 2 two-part opener.

      Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:13:46 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      1. @colfax there has been absolutely no word on whether it'll be a two part opener.

        Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:14:44 UTC from web
        1. @emofluttershy

          Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:37:31 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      2. @colfax @johnatmc Yay rumours?

        Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:15:06 UTC from web
    3. @thelastgherkin Oh! That is my favorite! Wait. Let me change my tee-shirt.

      Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:14:03 UTC from web
    4. @thelastgherkin Go to

      Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:15:05 UTC from web
      1. @johnatmc Huh. I was going to be all "if Wikipedia says it, it must be true", but instead: seems legit.

        Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:17:36 UTC from web
        1. @thelastgherkin Notice the cited references. ;-)

          Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:18:16 UTC from web
          1. @johnatmc Precisely what I mean, yes.

            Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:19:05 UTC from web
            1. @thelastgherkin :-)

              Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:26:49 UTC from web
    5. @thelastgherkin Wait. Are you trolling or only curious about the character in the upcoming episode? ... I could summarize, too.

      Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:15:43 UTC from web
      1. @fnordly I don't "troll" anything. I'm a trickster.

        Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:18:04 UTC from web
        1. @thelastgherkin You cannot troll if you have never become a troll. How does one become a troll but to understand what it is that a troll does? So, to know trolling, you must be a troll? So, you either really, honestly don't want to know what discord is, and you sincerely were wondering about the term as it is to be applied to this abstract art, or you know what discord is, and you are just being a troll.

          Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:49:14 UTC from web
          1. @fnordly I was just innocently wondering about Discord (with a Captial Letter), who is apparently some entity in the world of FiM Series Two.

            Tuesday, 23-Aug-11 08:50:16 UTC from web
            1. @thelastgherkin My prediction is that Discord will be a male, and the Elements of Harmony will be used to turn him into a baby princess accordion.

              Saturday, 27-Aug-11 12:21:39 UTC from web
    6. @thelastgherkin The Principia Discordia as a title is a play on the Principia Mathematica by Euler or Newton or whatever. Eris, the goddess of discord vs. the Illuminatus! like Luna and Celestia, respectively. Roughly, the Illuminati are the grand, all-time pyramid-scheme and purveyors of # and the curse of the grey-face. (Where the famous monk, Greyface (sp?) was the one that went around in the slightly darker ages and peeped in people's windows to make sure that they were doing anything unclean.) Eris is our savior. She makes it impossible for the bad guys to ever win, because she is *so* distracting. I would love to repeat some of the 1000 byte or less parts of the, but I promise that I will drop it, until I am nudged otherwise.

      Monday, 22-Aug-11 22:28:12 UTC from web