1. !midwestbronies !iowabronies !nebronies pimping during primetime. I'm trying to plan a meetup in Omaha, NE. contact me if you are interested (don't bother if you've already contacted me about it)

    Thursday, 25-Aug-11 22:33:53 UTC from web
    1. @nightwillow >learning "There is no place like Nebraska" just for such the event.

      Thursday, 25-Aug-11 22:38:31 UTC from web
      1. @rawrfish oh god. we learned how to play that on the recorder in 4th grade

        Thursday, 25-Aug-11 22:39:15 UTC from web
        1. @nightwillow Hell yeah. Recorder. Learning on Ukulele. Wait... Just learned it. Okay, When ever the meet up is. A new song is in the jukebox XDDD

          Thursday, 25-Aug-11 22:41:08 UTC from web
          1. @rawrfish learn all the songs from season 1

            Thursday, 25-Aug-11 22:42:34 UTC from web
            1. @nightwillow It will be done. I kid you not. I'll have to figure it all out, but IT WILL BE DONE.

              Thursday, 25-Aug-11 22:43:20 UTC from web
    2. @nightwillow I

      Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 20:08:34 UTC from web
    3. @nightwillow I'm in. just let me know what details you guy come up with.

      Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 20:09:15 UTC from web
    4. !iowabronies anyone up for another iowa meetup? i'm at uiowa

      Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 06:06:12 UTC from web
    5. @nightwillow Three hours away and I can't drive... Oh, how I wish I had wings...

      Wednesday, 14-Sep-11 18:57:29 UTC from web