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  • Rainbow Renee Dash therainbowdash3108 Rainbow Renee Dash Ponyville

    Name: Rainbow Dash (but fans call me dash) Age: In your years, i'm 15. In pony years, i"m 5 Gender: Mare Secret skill: Other that being utterly awesome? I'm good at everything Occupation: Weather Patrol and soon, Wonderbolt member Pet peeve: These stupid keyboard buttons Favorite Pony: Random Pinkie Pie, Me, and SpitFire

  • FlutterShout fluttershout FlutterShout Amarillo,Texas

    Well... Fluttershout is my favorite element of insanity. Your welcome to call me Alex, hell all my friends do.. Or Flutter, or Shout, what ever floats your boat. My STEAM: Darkmoon22 ( I`m mostly found on Empire Total War) but I play team fortress 2 sometimes FlutterShout`s hobbies: Shouting, Murder, STEAM, Listening to Bullet for my Valentine,Modding Farming Simulator. This isnt Fictional in the end you`ll be dead Posting Selected music on Tumblr blog be sure to check that out. Email(personal):


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