Conner Kelley (duskdweller)

  1. I finally gave in to peer pressure and made a Tumblr. May Celestia have mercy on my soul

    Sunday, 12-Feb-12 04:23:33 UTC from web
  2. Pony marathon starts at 5 AM, and I have to leave for Chicago at 7 AM. Initiate Operation: WHAT THE BUCK IS SLEEP

    Saturday, 11-Feb-12 05:17:58 UTC from web in context
  3. @sebastian1314 ...A little.

    Monday, 06-Feb-12 03:40:44 UTC from web in context
  4. @pony I got those for Christmas, now I just want to finish the first wave before the next one hits the US.

    Monday, 06-Feb-12 03:40:29 UTC from web in context
  5. I went to the Walmart in Madison today to see if I would have any better luck finding blindbags, only to find myself staring down an empty box. THIS IS SO AGGRAVATING I COULD AIKGJLAGJAWOIHAWGWAFIOASNGLA:DALGJ:DGKJDS:GH

    Monday, 06-Feb-12 02:30:29 UTC from web in context
  6. For some reason, the Walmart near me never has blindbags anymore. It's rather disappointing.

    Sunday, 05-Feb-12 05:16:15 UTC from web
  7. I just counted up my pony merch, and I have concluded that my current Pony Count is 32 (6 shirts, 2 posters and 24 figures). What are your Pony Counts, community?

    Sunday, 22-Jan-12 03:39:45 UTC from web in context
  8. I don't really like self-promoting on pony-related sites, so I'm just gonna say I'll be streaming games and music tomorrow and then me done with it. NO OH GOD PLEASE DON'T KILL ME

    Thursday, 19-Jan-12 01:42:24 UTC from web
  9. !milwaukeebronies I had a pretty good holiday as well! You would not believe how much pony stuff I got for Christmas.

    Friday, 06-Jan-12 02:15:42 UTC from web in context
  10. @yodelerty I'm extremely lucky that my parents get a kick out of the whole ponies thing. (I'm a guy, as well)

    Sunday, 25-Dec-11 21:19:29 UTC from web in context
  11. You people will not believe how much pony schwag I got for Christmas. I'm drowning in it.

    Sunday, 25-Dec-11 21:07:45 UTC from web in context
  12. @communistprime Oh yeah, I forgot about Reach. That one gave me too much hope that Six would survive, even though I really knew he wouldn't. Such a mind boggle it was.

    Sunday, 04-Dec-11 04:53:27 UTC from web in context
  13. @communistprime I know that feel, bro. The ending of Halo 3 almost made me cry. HALO 3, FOR BUCK'S SAKE.

    Sunday, 04-Dec-11 04:48:42 UTC from web in context
  14. Welp, parents' TV exploded, so I didn't get to watch the new episode. Not happy.

    Saturday, 03-Dec-11 16:14:11 UTC from web in context
  15. Just got to clearing out my email inbox. A few of the old ones I dug up were friend requests from Flankbook. It made me sad.

    Saturday, 26-Nov-11 03:39:45 UTC from web
  16. Happy Thanksgiving everypony! Go eat a turkey or something like that.

    Thursday, 24-Nov-11 21:10:15 UTC from web
  17. Someone I know asked on Facebook if anyone knew any popular dubstep songs, so I linked him to Alex S. /feelsgoodman

    Tuesday, 22-Nov-11 01:00:31 UTC from web
  18. @thatonepony I'll look you up right now

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 23:38:18 UTC from web in context
  19. @thatonepony Hey, we're on live now, dunno what happened to you. Still want to get in on the call?

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 23:19:03 UTC from web in context
  20. @theonepony Well, we'd love to have you if you can make it! just add me on Skype (moochmasterp is my name I think) so I can get you in the call tomorrow.

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 02:05:43 UTC from web in context
  21. @theonepony Orly?

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 02:00:44 UTC from web in context
  22. @tenmihara Daw, that's a shame. Thanks for asking though!

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 02:00:29 UTC from web in context
  23. @macpony55 Sure! We'll be on at 6pm eastern/5pm Central/3pm pacific time. You can check it out here:

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 01:59:17 UTC from web in context
  24. @tenmihara It doesn't really have a name, though I like to call it Super Happy Fun Time (Nobody else really goes for it T_T). We'd be streaming at 6pm eastern/5pm central/3pm pacific time.

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 01:57:42 UTC from web in context
  25. @macpony55 I understand. Thanks anyway!

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 01:52:10 UTC from web in context
  26. @tenmihara It's basically whatever we feel like talking about. We could just talk about ponies all the time, provided our third member doesn't stop us.

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 01:51:48 UTC from web in context
  27. Hey, anypony want to be on a podcast that nobody listens to tomorrow? One of our guys dropped out and a two person stream just seems boring.

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 01:48:22 UTC from web in context
  28. Fillies and gentlecolts... prepare the Friendship Cannon.

    Wednesday, 16-Nov-11 21:52:50 UTC from web in context
  29. I'm just realizing now that the Luna Games have completely ruined Super Ponybeat for me. I can't hear certain songs without thinking of those freaking things. ._.

    Tuesday, 15-Nov-11 02:42:52 UTC from web
  30. Our actual stream is pretty much over, but if any other fans of Marble Hornets are out there, we're now doing a live commentary of the Second season in anticipation of Entry # Come watch with us.

    Saturday, 12-Nov-11 00:42:26 UTC from web


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