Notices by Equestria Daily Mailpony (eqdpony) tagged 77

  1. Wallpaper Compilation #: Your wallpaper rotator needs more content.  Have a bunch of stuff to fill it with, starting with a bit of Rarity.  I don't think I've headed anything with her in a while! >

    Saturday, 29-Dec-12 00:10:04 UTC from Sethisto
  2. [b]Plushie Compilation #[/b]: Cheerilee seems appropriate considering that school seems to be just around the corner. Man, where did the summer go? Oh well, at least it means ponies will return soon so it's not all bad. Check out our plush pony pals after the break! >

    Thursday, 16-Aug-12 22:21:05 UTC from Calpain
  3. [b]Custom Compilation #[/b]: I still have say, Luna gets some of the best customs! Just look at her in all her regal glory. Customs time guys, check them out after the break. Luna 3 >

    Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 03:21:06 UTC from Calpain in context