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  • Johnny Fang fang8989 Johnny Fang New Westminster

    Pegasus is my favourite. RainbowDash is my hero. Studying architecture, draw cartoon or play game during freetime. Speaks Mandarin and English. uhhh....what else?....well let's it I guess.

  • James therealscoutaloo James Vancouver Island

    RainbowDash is best pony.

  • Matt Guy anubins Matt Guy United Kingdom


  • J wishingwell J BC, Canada

    Just a nerdy, reserved BC brony.

  • echron1000 echron1000

    Hey there Welcome to my profile, I would offer you a seat but we are on the internet and sadly seats do not exist here. I am a Brony, was from the first episode of FIM that I watched. Being a brony has helped my temperament a great deal turning me from being an asshole, to being well a less Gilda like asshole and more like a Trollestia asshole. I am currently 19 years old and going to school at Ai Vancouver to become a video game designer with aspirations to eventually own my own game production company and make games such as fallout.

  • lilytheamazingfaintingpony lilytheamazingfaintingpony Østlandet, Norway


  • Greg Saunders oddfillyponygang Greg Saunders Arizona

    I like muffins... Get money fuck school, Swag Me Out, Pony Add me on PSN. PSN: Derpy_Hooves Twilight The Creator, Rarity Beats, Pink Sweatshirt, Left Brainbow Dash, Flutter Genesis, Spike G, Frank Apple, Bloom Tha Kyd, Scoot Staples, Sweetie Veggies, Gilda Bennet, Trixie Dolphin

  • Kyle Archer Elkin asvendius Kyle Archer Elkin Surrey, BC, Canada

    Brony since August 20th 2011. Keep calm and canter on!

  • Jason cracky Jason Vancouver, BC

    I'm a CS/Software student, probably permanently due to SFU's terrible course options...

  • Max maxig Max North Van

    Ponies (well duh!), but aside from that I'm a 19 year old drummer and kind of a gym rat.

  • Daniel redtie Daniel Burnaby, Vancouver, Canada

    Iam a 21 year old Vancouver brony who loves videogames, movies, books, and ponies. I love writing and hope to one day be published. I used to be one of the quiet kids at school but now I've turned social. Hit me up no matter who you are.

  • derps derps
  • Drew drewdle Drew Victoria, BC, Canada