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ADHD Bronies

ADHD Bronies

!adhdbronies add adhd attentiondeficithyperactivitydisorder

This is a group for all Bronies who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disord.... Ooh! A Pony!

ADHD Bronies (adhdbronies) group


  1. @greydragon412 thats all I need to hear, (ADHD POWERS, LET ME ASK AN OFF TOPIC QUESTION NANANANANANANA) you make that ewww pic yourself?

    Thursday, 26-Jul-12 15:00:25 UTC from web
  2. I have !ADHD and i have NOT had my pill yet! Hhahahhhhahahhahahahha

    Sunday, 24-Jun-12 15:09:26 UTC from web
  3. @hoit21 look

    Wednesday, 20-Jun-12 02:26:39 UTC from StatusNet Android
  4. @noirbatch howdy, friend! ^-^ How [s]are you[/s] have you been?

    Friday, 01-Jun-12 18:04:12 UTC from web
  5. !adhd Don't know if I have it, but I definitely fit the criteria.

    Friday, 01-Jun-12 04:13:23 UTC from web
    • me and milkduds have a love/hate relationship. i love them, but my teeth hate em

      Thursday, 31-May-12 23:09:32 UTC from web
    • @bitshift @minti eh I just told photoshop to strink this XD

      Thursday, 31-May-12 22:42:27 UTC from web
    • !adhd is what i should have tested...meh. I was too distracted.

      Tuesday, 29-May-12 03:59:53 UTC from web
      • Join the group!! You know you want to... !adhdbronies

        Sunday, 13-May-12 02:07:52 UTC from web
        • !adhdbronies LOL, just commenting so that somepony can see that this group exists. x3

          Wednesday, 09-May-12 00:32:29 UTC from web
          • !adhdbronies IT HAS BEEN MADE!! xD

            Monday, 07-May-12 04:22:50 UTC from web