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Blame StatusNet

Blame StatusNet

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Da Nets

That buggy, weirdly coded thing our site runs on.

Blame StatusNet (blamestatusnet) group


  1. ... luckily I can manually get to the 2nd page of Replies by adding ?page=2 ->

    Saturday, 05-Oct-13 12:50:27 UTC from
    • !buggyverse Sometimes there is a link 'Before' on the bottom of my !SN Replies page and sometime not.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 12:34:41 UTC from
      • @lnxw37 It didn't federate, I tried myself & enabled it, dented to @question who's subbed to me. Didn't arrive there. !blamestatusnet?

        Sunday, 29-Sep-13 21:44:52 UTC from
        • @mcscx again! what is this?? !blamestatusnet @kuro also has problems with the !q group :(

          Thursday, 26-Sep-13 13:24:12 UTC from
          • no, that was not it... :(

            Thursday, 26-Sep-13 13:11:54 UTC from
            • Seems like federated groups don't get linked properly, sometimes, for some users... could it be with groups on 0.9 sites? !blamestatusnet

              Thursday, 26-Sep-13 13:11:42 UTC from
              • !blamestatusnet because of it's confusing url shortening.

                Sunday, 06-Jan-13 06:11:14 UTC from web
                • @widget Not at all, actually, just tired and ANNOYING AT THIS STUPID STATUSNET !blamestatusnet

                  Saturday, 15-Dec-12 22:50:56 UTC from web