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Blame Widget!

Blame Widget!

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C'mon and blame Widget for everything that goes wrong. (Especially those questionable surgeries that left you with four front hooves...)

Blame Widget! (blamewidget) group


  1. do mentions not work in parenthesis anymore? !blamewidget

    Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:00:27 UTC from web
  2. I have 4 legs. I !blamewidget .

    Tuesday, 29-Jan-13 21:35:27 UTC from web
    • Guess what group you should consider joining? !blamewidget

      Monday, 07-Jan-13 06:32:09 UTC from web
    • HEY! Do you guys have problems? Have any issues that need scapegoating? Then this group is for you! !blamewidget

      Saturday, 05-Jan-13 08:16:19 UTC from web