1. do mentions not work in parenthesis anymore? !blamewidget

    Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:00:27 UTC from web
    1. @toksyuryel looks like mentions work like twitter. Also is there an app? that would easily aid in my ability to keep track of this crazy site!

      Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:03:53 UTC from web
      1. @cyrilthewolf StatusNet for Android, or Mayonaise for iOS.

        Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:04:24 UTC from web
        1. @zeldatra Mayonnaise mayonnaise so that's why the jar is empty

          Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:06:24 UTC from web
      2. @cyrilthewolf If you have an Android phone, either StatusNet Android or Mustard. (Both have their ups and downs, and neither's perfect for this site. I was gonna write one for this site specifically, but then Android's activity schema made my amateur head explode) On iOS, the only option available is Mayonnaise. If you use a Windows phone... I hope to god you don't use a Windows phone.

        Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:10:16 UTC from web
        1. @redenchilada You should keep trying to write yours, if only because a name like ScootaNet Android deserves to be tied to an actual usable piece of software.

          Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:15:06 UTC from web
          1. @toksyuryel Head. Explode.

            Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:15:30 UTC from web
      3. @cyrilthewolf Any app that understands StatusNet *should* work. Some Twitter apps might even support it. I don't really know. I just keep the site open in a firefox app tab so I can keep track of it.

        Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:17:45 UTC from web
        1. @toksyuryel @cyrilthewolf There really are not enough Twitter apps that support the custom API address...

          Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 02:18:40 UTC from web
        2. @toksyuryel I will have to look into it

          Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 03:19:27 UTC from web