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This is a group for people that play Borderlands. It be pretty #SWAG

Borderlands (borderlands) group


  1. Equip Gunzerker with two Shredifiers. Deplete entire bullet reserve in 4 seconds. !Borderlands2

    Thursday, 24-Jan-13 06:57:17 UTC from web
    • >Wilhelm starts rising from under the train >Throws the train wagon >Lands on me. >Shortfight.jpg !borderlands2

      Wednesday, 23-Jan-13 23:46:57 UTC from web
    • Nerthos_Loader.PNG !Borderlands2

      Sunday, 20-Jan-13 05:26:47 UTC from web
    • So far I've been playing a high damage output one-hit-one-kill build, but a life stealing melee build with Rapier and the pirate relic is so much fun !Borderlands2

      Sunday, 20-Jan-13 00:51:48 UTC from web
    • I'm going to need to mod that game because the skill agumentation the legendary class mods grant sucks. None of them grants Reaper bonus. !Borderlands2

      Saturday, 19-Jan-13 08:34:04 UTC from web
      • Captain Scarlett is like a cheery !Borderlands2 Vriska.

        Saturday, 19-Jan-13 08:13:20 UTC from web
        • Yup, one-hitted me. I survived the hit, but he launched me off the map. I still feel accomplished because he wasn't able to obliterate my shield and hp in one hit. !Borderlands2 # #

          Wednesday, 16-Jan-13 22:02:15 UTC from web
          • Finally a challenging boss. Saturn is a great enemy. !Borderlands2

            Wednesday, 16-Jan-13 01:04:11 UTC from web
          • Oh hey new !Borderlands2 DLC.

            Friday, 23-Nov-12 07:39:38 UTC from web
          • V ybirq gung Natry dhrfg, jura Wnpx fubjf hc naq xvyyf Ebynaq va bar fubg. Zber tnzrf fubhyq unir n onq thl yvxr uvz. V jba'g fnl V ybir gung thl whfg orpnhfr gung'f tnl naq rjjj. !borderlands2

            Tuesday, 30-Oct-12 20:15:11 UTC from web
          • Oh god. That Borderlands 2 DLC. Best name ever.

            Tuesday, 30-Oct-12 20:09:21 UTC from web
          • hmm to play !borderlands2 right now or !skyrim

            Wednesday, 17-Oct-12 05:37:54 UTC from web
          • welp i think im off to !Borderlands2

            Monday, 15-Oct-12 09:12:52 UTC from web
            • hmm anybody want to play some !borderlands2 ?

              Monday, 15-Oct-12 07:55:14 UTC from web
            • !borderlands2 huzzah, just got Hamachi, now i dont know how to play with other people lol

              Monday, 15-Oct-12 05:13:25 UTC from web
              • !Borderlands2 Also I need to find an slagged enemy to see how much damage I can deal in a single shot. I think I can reach 20k.

                Friday, 12-Oct-12 21:48:50 UTC from web
              • @Redenchilada You're like, level 11 on !borderlands2 right? If I get internet soon I'll give you my level 13 sniper, that gun is great.

                Friday, 12-Oct-12 21:45:05 UTC from web
              • so... anything happening here or i have to go downstairs and see people?

                Sunday, 07-Oct-12 22:44:12 UTC from web
              • Time for more !Borderlands

                Monday, 01-Oct-12 23:49:52 UTC from web
                • I was wondering why Borderlands 2's soundtrack was so good, then I looked at the composer. !Borderlands

                  Monday, 01-Oct-12 02:07:10 UTC from web
                • !borderlands New Game+, GO!

                  Sunday, 30-Sep-12 22:10:41 UTC from web
                  • A shield with a max capacity of 106 and a recharge rate of 124. If it were a nova shield, recharging in less than a seond, it would be the best. !Borderlands2

                    Monday, 24-Sep-12 21:36:02 UTC from web
                    • !Borderlands2 The cult quests were hilarious. Also Firehawk Lilith. New waifu go.

                      Monday, 24-Sep-12 20:26:23 UTC from web
                    • Siren class mod: Cat class. So useless, but so tempting !Borderlands2

                      Sunday, 23-Sep-12 19:30:33 UTC from web
                      • Farming pistol challenges because they have great names. !borderlands2

                        Sunday, 23-Sep-12 15:07:26 UTC from web
                        • !Borderlands2 Got Hamachi to work.

                          Sunday, 23-Sep-12 04:05:07 UTC from web
                        • I'm gonna go play !borderlands2 for a while.

                          Sunday, 23-Sep-12 01:32:09 UTC from web
                          • PClevel+5 zones is the way to go. !Borderlands2

                            Saturday, 22-Sep-12 01:04:13 UTC from web
                            • Hahaha, this repack even auto-cracks. It's glorious. !Borderlands2

                              Friday, 21-Sep-12 03:13:20 UTC from web
                            • It just finished. BRB installing. !Borderlands2

                              Friday, 21-Sep-12 02:57:01 UTC from web