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I'm a girl, can I play ponies too?

I'm a girl, can I play ponies too?


I love the bronies but do you ever get the feeling you're only filly in the stable? Connect with other pony fans of the XX persuasion.

I'm a girl, can I play ponies too? (bronettes) group


  1. !bronettes Can a helpful little fellow filly give me some advice about.. colts?

    Tuesday, 24-May-11 02:15:10 UTC from web
  2. Hi !bronettes! I haven't checked in for a couple of weeks and I was so excited to see so many new faces! Hope to see you around soon xox

    Monday, 02-May-11 14:51:57 UTC from web
  3. !bronettes ... what a cute name♥ how can I not join!

    Sunday, 01-May-11 03:05:40 UTC from web
    • I would love to know what the male to female ratio of MLP fans is. Too bad we can't have an official poll taken free of trolls. !bronettes

      Monday, 18-Apr-11 16:44:12 UTC from web
    • !bronettes # Yay! Finally a group for girl bronies. Now if only I had a bagel and a YouTube account my life would be complete!

      Friday, 15-Apr-11 20:42:07 UTC from web
      • !bronettes Hell yes! Joined this group like the Fist of the North Star. c:

        Saturday, 09-Apr-11 04:44:07 UTC from web
      • !bronettes *clings to this group forever*

        Friday, 08-Apr-11 16:53:44 UTC from web
      • @ponythis I joined !bronettes :3

        Friday, 08-Apr-11 15:59:36 UTC from web