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The ROM breaking corruptions

The ROM breaking corruptions

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Pecial Age

This is where we corrupt the games to make it look weird, play weird, or sound weird but no matter what in a fun way.

The ROM breaking corruptions (corruptions) group


  1. !corruptions updated the album 180 pictures now

    Wednesday, 04-Sep-13 02:35:32 UTC from web
    • A little screw there, nail it in. Destroy it and build it back up and upgrade it !corruptions here I come

      Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 23:24:41 UTC from web
      • I broke the TV !ibrokeit

        Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 19:38:53 UTC from web
        • I like this background !corruptions

          Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 04:35:08 UTC from web
          • what language is this !corruptions

            Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 03:49:05 UTC from web
            • THIS IS POKEY ARE YOU KIDDING ME !corruptions

              Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 02:25:53 UTC from web
              • Looking good my man !ibrokeit

                Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 01:53:46 UTC from web
              • THE TRUE POWER !corruptions

                Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 01:38:08 UTC from web
                • true nightmares !corruptions

                  Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 01:20:20 UTC from web
                  • beautiful hill zone !corruptions

                    Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 00:58:57 UTC from web
                    • sonic pls respond !corruptions

                      Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 00:57:58 UTC from web
                    • Off to a good start !corruption

                      Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 00:53:24 UTC from web
                    • Choose your corrupted character !ibrokeit

                      Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 00:41:13 UTC from web
                      • Mighty Knuckles stands tall !corruption

                        Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 00:40:08 UTC from web
                      • Ultimate Mortal Crossword Puzzle !corruptions

                        Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 00:38:34 UTC from web
                        • !corruption Looks fine to me

                          Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 00:36:37 UTC from web
                          • OK this is a good corruption, every time I jump the palette changes. !corruption

                            Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 00:29:26 UTC from web
                            • I don't like the location of these corrupted images !corruptions

                              Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 00:25:15 UTC from web
                              • My !corrupted adventures part 1 pictures are now up on Imgur

                                Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 00:09:18 UTC from web
                              • Mum found this at work and brought it home for me, it's not one I've seen before at any rate so that's neat

                                Monday, 02-Sep-13 22:21:52 UTC from web
                              • Legend of Zelda a Link to the 2spooky !corruptions

                                Monday, 02-Sep-13 20:03:50 UTC from web
                                • I don't even know anymore !corruptions

                                  Monday, 02-Sep-13 17:34:57 UTC from web
                                  • I love playing Super D World !corruptions

                                    Monday, 02-Sep-13 17:28:14 UTC from web

                                    Monday, 02-Sep-13 17:26:46 UTC from web
                                    • I sure do love Super Stuv Mario !corruptions

                                      Monday, 02-Sep-13 17:26:05 UTC from web
                                      • we all remember the 2nd level as the water level !corruptions

                                        Monday, 02-Sep-13 17:12:10 UTC from web
                                      • I love !corruptions

                                        Monday, 02-Sep-13 16:58:09 UTC from web
                                        • !ibrokeit

                                          Monday, 02-Sep-13 16:55:23 UTC from web