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East Texas

Bronies and Fillies of East Texas unite! Join for casual hangouts and meetups. Maybe if we get enough people we can set up events and such. :]

EastTXBronies (easttxbronies) group


  1. !easttxbronies finally, a group near me. please tell me its not dead here.

    Thursday, 29-Aug-13 02:53:06 UTC from web
  2. !easttxbronies So I kinda forgot about this site for a while, heh. Anyone up for possibly meeting up sometime this summer?

    Sunday, 01-Jul-12 19:23:03 UTC from web
  3. !easttxbronies Hi, new here! I am looking to make friends and meet up with fellow bronies!! :) I live in Nac area! I also just got back from Tyler Tx from the MLP FIM Equestria Girls Film so a big shout out to those who were there today!!! :D You guys are awesome!!

    Saturday, 22-Jun-13 21:11:55 UTC from web
  4. !easttxbronies Hey, is the group dead? :|a *pokes it* Anyone know if the free posters are at any of the Walmarts here yet?

    Wednesday, 15-Aug-12 01:49:41 UTC from web
  5. !easttxbronies when can we have a meet up!? :D

    Tuesday, 01-May-12 02:41:46 UTC from web
    • !easttxbronies we should meet up at someponys house to watch the royal wedding!!!! :D (p.s. met @articember irl today and i just wanted to share that :) )

      Friday, 20-Apr-12 22:46:05 UTC from web
      • i need this day to be over fast, so i can play and hang out with certain members of the !easttxbronies this weekend :)

        Friday, 20-Apr-12 05:38:45 UTC from web
        • !easttxbronies how about we go for a weekend in may? hopefully everyone will be out of school/not too busy with work... we could eat out somewhere on a Saturday or something like that?

          Sunday, 15-Apr-12 02:41:27 UTC from web
          • !easttxbronies I dunno! I haven't heard much from the group lately. Maybe everyone's busy? D:

            Sunday, 15-Apr-12 02:25:35 UTC from web
          • !easttxbronies what's up guys, when are we going to have a meetup :D

            Sunday, 15-Apr-12 01:30:51 UTC from web
            • !easttxbronies thx for making this i thought me and my friend were the only bronies here (btw i live near the longview area)

              Saturday, 31-Mar-12 20:50:02 UTC from web
              • !easttxbronies out of curiosity, anyone else going to A-kon? I didn't get a chance to go to any of the MLP meetups, but I might this time around!

                Friday, 09-Mar-12 09:43:48 UTC from web
              • !easttxbronies I've been searching for a group like this for forever, I was starting to think I was nearly alone :O

                Friday, 24-Feb-12 00:50:34 UTC from web
                • !easttxbronies Hey guys :)

                  Friday, 24-Feb-12 00:48:05 UTC from web
                  • Hey any of my other !easttxbronies! Has anyone seen the CMC playset at Target yet?

                    Friday, 06-Jan-12 06:11:01 UTC from web
                    • Yo !easttxbronies! I was grocery shopping at Kroger last night and was pleasantly surprised to find them selling ponies for $2.99 in a bin near their Christmas stuff! I got Dewdrop Dazzle and Cupcake, but they also had most of the Mane 6, Blossomforth, and Lulu Luck. They might have had some of the other newer ones, but I didn't look deeper in the pile because I was in a hurry. I figured it was worth mentioning, though, because $2.99's a good deal! :D

                      Tuesday, 27-Dec-11 12:26:28 UTC from web
                    • *pokes the !easttxbronies* Everyone's been so quiet lately! :<

                      Tuesday, 13-Dec-11 13:09:54 UTC from web
                    • !easttxbronies I'm so glad you guys exist. I thought I was all alone. c: I'm near Canton/Van/Lindale, if there are any ponies about!

                      Thursday, 10-Nov-11 04:47:42 UTC from web
                    • !easttxbronies Hey guys, Walmart on gilmer road had soooo many wave 3-4-5 ponies. I got most of them but I know there was a twinkleshine and a snowcatcher atleast left. But I would watch that walmart!

                      Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 01:52:04 UTC from web
                    • !easttxbronies Hey guys, our TRS is carying the crystal keychains now! I also just landed a job there so I'll be keeping an eye out (In the back and front) for other waves and new stuff. :]

                      Monday, 31-Oct-11 15:25:56 UTC from web
                    • !easttxbronies In case you guys didn't know, has a 20% off all Canterlot exclusive toys coupon up right now. I used one today on the little Celestia & Luna set and saved about $3. Not too shabby!

                      Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 04:01:22 UTC from web
                      • !easttxbronies So who caught the new ep yesterday? I need to watch it again, since I was busy working while trying to watch it, but I still thought it was awesome! :D

                        Sunday, 18-Sep-11 13:00:44 UTC from web
                      • !easttxbronies We're having a garage sale at my house this weekend. No ponies for sale, but if anyone wants to stop by, lemme know & I can message you the details. :D

                        Friday, 16-Sep-11 15:51:39 UTC from web
                      • !easttxbronies Toys R Us now stocking the blindbag set! Eee~ 3 left after I grabbed mine!

                        Wednesday, 14-Sep-11 17:07:42 UTC from web
                      • !easttxbronies Hope everypony is ok with all the fires around! Be safe everyone! :x

                        Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 22:53:49 UTC from web
                      • !easttxbronies Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend! :D

                        Saturday, 03-Sep-11 14:03:16 UTC from web
                        • !easttxbronies I know @miyari already knows, but pony pillows are at ToysRUs now~ Went ahead and picked them up <3 So cute. My bed is 20% cooler. No sign of the blindbag set though, if anyone sees it let me know!

                          Saturday, 20-Aug-11 19:32:54 UTC from web
                        • !easttxbronies Oooh, new members! *waves*

                          Tuesday, 09-Aug-11 23:30:43 UTC from web
                          • !easttxbronies Target has their Canterlot display set up, finally, and non-Canterlot wave toys have been stocked. This include Applejack's Farm Truck and Rarity's Carousel. Only item unaccounted for so far are the Twilight Sparkle plush/pillows, but that was only because they had just gotten them in and couldn't find them in the back at the time. Enjoy!

                            Wednesday, 03-Aug-11 17:52:46 UTC from web
                          • !easttxbronies Hey guys! I went up to ToysRUs to see if they had restocked and they diiiiiid. Oh man. Fashion style Fluttershy and pinkie, one pinkie plush, Raritys carousel, all three ride alongs, pinkies car, etc. I really wish I had more money I would have nabbed more than a FS Fluttershy haha. Also they mention you @miyari everytime I go up there haha.

                            Monday, 01-Aug-11 21:22:07 UTC from web