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This group is for fans of the MLP:FiM songs. Follow the group to get updates about guitar chords, sheet music, and more from Everypony Sings!

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  1. So what do y'all play?

    Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 16:10:31 UTC from web
  2. Hey RDN! Sorry that !eps has not posted in a while—life has been super busy for many of our team members. We wanted to let you know that we have some awesome new resources for you at For those who don't mind spoilers: Jr unir furrg zhfvp naq pubeqf pbzvat va sebz gur arj frnfba 3 fbatf (V Jnfa'g Cercnerq sbe Guvf naq Gur Pelfgny Snve Fbat), fb purpx gurz bhg!

    Thursday, 19-Jul-12 06:42:48 UTC from web
    • Sorry I've been behind on updates, everypony. (Moving = upheaval = less time for internet) We have some great covers and originals over at, so go take a look! !eps

      Monday, 18-Jun-12 05:15:04 UTC from web
      • WeimTime007 shared a piano cover of Discord (the Living Tombstone's remix): !eps

        Tuesday, 05-Jun-12 02:25:55 UTC from web
      • Coconeru shared a hilarious (and awesome) original song all about Lyra. Give it a listen! !eps

        Monday, 04-Jun-12 02:35:58 UTC from web
        • zsanderson3 shared an instrumental cover of Find a Pet and an original composition called Deception with Visit the site and give them a listen! !eps

          Saturday, 02-Jun-12 04:02:45 UTC from web
          • Dimondium shared a clarinet arrangement of This Day Aria. Find it at! !eps

            Tuesday, 29-May-12 02:55:44 UTC from web
            • Do you play the flute? If so, then get over to, because Flutershy shared an arrangement of This Day Aria for flute. !eps

              Friday, 25-May-12 03:05:27 UTC from web
              • We have a couple of new posts up at, including two original pieces from SandvichParty, a Winter Wrap Up tab by jackupthoseapples, and a cover of This Day Aria by ESPPony, including guitar and bass line tab. Check it out! !eps

                Thursday, 24-May-12 04:59:57 UTC from web
                • WeimTime007 did a visualization/cover of Beyond Her Garden (originally by Wooden Toaster). Find it at !eps

                  Tuesday, 22-May-12 22:26:42 UTC from web
                  • Hannibal shared an excellent guitar tab for The Perfect Stallion. Find it at !eps

                    Tuesday, 22-May-12 03:26:33 UTC from web
                    • Cloverfriend shared some really nice chords for Smile with They're great for guitar (or ukulele, if you're me). !eps

                      Sunday, 20-May-12 00:58:33 UTC from web
                      • haymaker and zahqo made an awesome cover of Love is in Bloom. It's got a late-90s vibe that is making me very nostalgic: Find their chords and sheet music at !eps

                        Thursday, 17-May-12 19:48:13 UTC from web
                      • TehAlphaGamer shared his new original composition, Ridley in Ponyville, over at Give it a listen! !eps

                        Thursday, 17-May-12 03:12:06 UTC from web
                        • Sax players! jd896 shared alto sax sheet music for Winter Wrap Up. Find it at !eps

                          Wednesday, 16-May-12 03:20:27 UTC from web
                        • Coconeru wrote an awesome Discord-themed song called Controlled Chaos. It's deliciously villainous! Check it out at !eps

                          Monday, 14-May-12 02:56:01 UTC from web
                        • DJDelta0 shared two awesome piano arrangements for B.B.B.F.F. and This Day Aria. Find them at !eps

                          Monday, 14-May-12 02:52:13 UTC from web
                          • DrSentenial shared some wonderful piano tutorials for pony songs over at If you ever wanted to learn to play The Perfect Stallion (and more!) on the piano, check it out! !eps

                            Thursday, 10-May-12 11:54:54 UTC from web
                            • Coconeru shared a cover of "Pinkie's Brew" from Friendship is Witchcraft. It's awesome! Give it a listen: !eps (Don't know about Friendship is Witchcraft? To Youtube with you!)

                              Tuesday, 08-May-12 02:48:58 UTC from web
                            • WeimTime007 shared a couple of great synesthesia/visualizations of the Title Theme, as well as sheet music for a solo piano version of the Title Theme. You can find all that (and more!) at !eps

                              Monday, 07-May-12 03:46:09 UTC from web
                              • icy780 shared a bass tab for B.B.B.F.F. It's great, so you should definitely take a look: !eps

                                Sunday, 06-May-12 02:42:47 UTC from web
                                • Thanks to Mega Brony, you can find the Season 2 Lyric Book over at And if you want chords, sheet music, tab, etc., you can find those on the site, too! !eps

                                  Sunday, 06-May-12 02:36:29 UTC from web
                                • SandvichParty shared a great original composition called The Opposing Dawn, a counterpart to his piece A Nightmarish Battle. Check it out! !eps

                                  Friday, 04-May-12 04:40:10 UTC from web
                                  • OctaviasPianist did a great piano arrangement of This Day Aria. Check it out: You can also find sheet music and a midi over at !eps

                                    Wednesday, 02-May-12 05:04:20 UTC from web
                                    • skootties shared an awesome solo piano version of the Flim Flam Brothers song. The recording and sheet music are both over at !eps

                                      Tuesday, 01-May-12 22:44:09 UTC from web
                                      • Dimondium shared a new original composition called Bitter Trails, which you can listen to over at He is also requesting a vocalist to help him with a new, Chrysalis-themed project. Let us know if you're interested! !eps

                                        Tuesday, 01-May-12 02:50:24 UTC from web
                                        • BassBeastJD shared three original compositions. You can listen to all three over at !eps

                                          Tuesday, 01-May-12 01:50:45 UTC from web
                                          • Dipus shared a great Guitar Pro version of Love is in Bloom over at Take a look! !eps

                                            Tuesday, 01-May-12 00:32:04 UTC from web
                                            • !EPS team member ESPPony shared another one of his awesome cover videos, this time for B.B.B.F.F. It's well worth watching!

                                              Monday, 30-Apr-12 21:05:30 UTC from web
                                            • We have a whole pile of finale music resources, including visualizations and midis for all the songs in the finale (and an extended version of Love is in Bloom), courtesy of WeimTime007, whyPon, and DJDelta0. Find all this at !eps

                                              Monday, 30-Apr-12 03:37:31 UTC from web