1. Hey RDN! Sorry that !eps has not posted in a while—life has been super busy for many of our team members. We wanted to let you know that we have some awesome new resources for you at everyponysings.com. For those who don't mind spoilers: Jr unir furrg zhfvp naq pubeqf pbzvat va sebz gur arj frnfba 3 fbatf (V Jnfa'g Cercnerq sbe Guvf naq Gur Pelfgny Snve Fbat), fb purpx gurz bhg!

    Thursday, 19-Jul-12 06:42:48 UTC from web
  2. Sorry I've been behind on updates, everypony. (Moving = upheaval = less time for internet) We have some great covers and originals over at everyponysings.com, so go take a look! !eps

    Monday, 18-Jun-12 05:15:04 UTC from web
  3. @iluvzfluttershy Glad to hear it! It is awesome.

    Tuesday, 05-Jun-12 02:36:45 UTC from web in context
  4. WeimTime007 shared a piano cover of Discord (the Living Tombstone's remix): http://youtu.be/jMMnOUptlKc !eps

    Tuesday, 05-Jun-12 02:25:55 UTC from web in context
  5. @wafers I'm assuming, if the fire Pokemon don't constantly burn everything down in the Pokemon universe, that it must be okay safety-wise.

    Monday, 04-Jun-12 02:52:23 UTC from web in context
  6. @wafers I know, right?

    Monday, 04-Jun-12 02:50:46 UTC from web in context
  7. @hayseed I 100% want a Rapidash in real life. 100%.

    Monday, 04-Jun-12 02:45:35 UTC from web in context
  8. @redenchilada Totally not the only one! I bought the re-release of Silver because that was really the only Pokemon game I wanted to play.

    Monday, 04-Jun-12 02:41:46 UTC from web in context
  9. @wafers Gen. 2 is totally my favorite. I was obsessed with Silver.

    Monday, 04-Jun-12 02:36:37 UTC from web in context
  10. Coconeru shared a hilarious (and awesome) original song all about Lyra. Give it a listen! http://youtu.be/JSCivo9Qu-Y !eps

    Monday, 04-Jun-12 02:35:58 UTC from web
  11. zsanderson3 shared an instrumental cover of Find a Pet and an original composition called Deception with everyponysings.com. Visit the site and give them a listen! !eps

    Saturday, 02-Jun-12 04:02:45 UTC from web
  12. Dimondium shared a clarinet arrangement of This Day Aria. Find it at everyponysings.com! !eps

    Tuesday, 29-May-12 02:55:44 UTC from web
  13. Do you play the flute? If so, then get over to everyponysings.com, because Flutershy shared an arrangement of This Day Aria for flute. !eps

    Friday, 25-May-12 03:05:27 UTC from web
  14. We have a couple of new posts up at everyponysings.com, including two original pieces from SandvichParty, a Winter Wrap Up tab by jackupthoseapples, and a cover of This Day Aria by ESPPony, including guitar and bass line tab. Check it out! !eps

    Thursday, 24-May-12 04:59:57 UTC from web
  15. WeimTime007 did a visualization/cover of Beyond Her Garden (originally by Wooden Toaster). Find it at everyponysings.com. !eps

    Tuesday, 22-May-12 22:26:42 UTC from web
  16. Hannibal shared an excellent guitar tab for The Perfect Stallion. Find it at everyponysings.com. !eps

    Tuesday, 22-May-12 03:26:33 UTC from web
  17. Cloverfriend shared some really nice chords for Smile with everyponysings.com. They're great for guitar (or ukulele, if you're me). !eps

    Sunday, 20-May-12 00:58:33 UTC from web
  18. haymaker and zahqo made an awesome cover of Love is in Bloom. It's got a late-90s vibe that is making me very nostalgic: http://youtu.be/rgzZBkvq1Zw Find their chords and sheet music at everyponysings.com. !eps

    Thursday, 17-May-12 19:48:13 UTC from web in context
  19. TehAlphaGamer shared his new original composition, Ridley in Ponyville, over at everyponysings.com. Give it a listen! http://youtu.be/xogh4HAH4gQ !eps

    Thursday, 17-May-12 03:12:06 UTC from web
  20. Sax players! jd896 shared alto sax sheet music for Winter Wrap Up. Find it at everyponysings.com. !eps

    Wednesday, 16-May-12 03:20:27 UTC from web in context
  21. Coconeru wrote an awesome Discord-themed song called Controlled Chaos. It's deliciously villainous! Check it out at everyponysings.com. !eps

    Monday, 14-May-12 02:56:01 UTC from web
  22. DJDelta0 shared two awesome piano arrangements for B.B.B.F.F. and This Day Aria. Find them at everyponysings.com. !eps

    Monday, 14-May-12 02:52:13 UTC from web
  23. DrSentenial shared some wonderful piano tutorials for pony songs over at everyponysings.com. If you ever wanted to learn to play The Perfect Stallion (and more!) on the piano, check it out! !eps

    Thursday, 10-May-12 11:54:54 UTC from web
  24. @lyokotravels Precisely!

    Tuesday, 08-May-12 02:50:34 UTC from web in context
  25. Coconeru shared a cover of "Pinkie's Brew" from Friendship is Witchcraft. It's awesome! Give it a listen: http://youtu.be/m0d20DCJ8p4 !eps (Don't know about Friendship is Witchcraft? To Youtube with you!)

    Tuesday, 08-May-12 02:48:58 UTC from web in context
  26. WeimTime007 shared a couple of great synesthesia/visualizations of the Title Theme, as well as sheet music for a solo piano version of the Title Theme. You can find all that (and more!) at everyponysings.com. !eps

    Monday, 07-May-12 03:46:09 UTC from web
  27. @hugmaster I was agreeing about the awesomeness of @Minti's avatar. :)

    Sunday, 06-May-12 03:33:09 UTC from web in context
  28. @hugmaster Agreed.

    Sunday, 06-May-12 03:29:35 UTC from web in context
  29. @actualcannibalabigpony Yeah, I mean, my feelings aren't hurt. I hope the other resources on the site are more useful to you.

    Sunday, 06-May-12 02:54:23 UTC from web in context
  30. @redenchilada Hmm, that's not what I meant. I think "love and tolerate" means respecting other people and caring about them, even when you disagree. It is funny how language can get twisted into a completely different meaning, though.

    Sunday, 06-May-12 02:53:56 UTC from web in context