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What more do you need to know?

What more do you need to know?

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  • da4k da4k
  • Pony blush Pony

    You guys already know me. Self righteous, arrogant, and hard to hurt. Other than that, friendship everywhere!

    • Rainbow Revolver rainbowrevolver Rainbow Revolver United States

      ♥19/Female/Pegasus♥ Just a silly Iowa brony who loves drawing and talking to others. Also, if anypony wants to play some vidya (probably Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead [2]) you can add me on Steam, my ID is DeadBunneh.

    • Richard woodsy Richard New Jersey

      JDM cars and ponies!

    • The Decapolar RPer thedecapolarrper The Decapolar RPer Napa, CA, USA

      I am a amateur writer with knowledge in many areas of science.

    • blackjack blackjack


    • Kota neonote Kota Equestria

      One of those crazy music ponies.

    • b jfvjivjifvjuifrvuidcnjkdfvuihiscnji b Nottingham, England

      I Love Ponies and Nerdcore and Ponies and Butterflys and Unicorns and Rainbows and Ponies Yay. Fluttershy is My Waifu.

    • Squeakysoft Gryphon possiblynotretl Squeakysoft Gryphon

      Possibly not Retl, but it is uncertain. "You know how sometimes people accidentally lose their grip on their balloons, and they float up into the sky, then pop, and fall back down? Yeah, I'm the gryphon who's job it is to catch all of those and pop them in creative ways before they make their way to the Sun or Moon and clutter up the spacescape... Or at least that's my story for now."

    • theironpony theironpony California, U.S.A.

      A French-major, nerd, photography student, and the iron pony. [Co-Organizer for the SoCal Bronies meetup site.] This account is also relatively inactive. I come back sometimes, but rarely to talk. I'll always remember this place fondly for all the great people I've met and as my first foray into the Brony fanbase.

    • Cassie rnbwdashiswin Cassie Phoenix, AZ

      A girl who likes ponies, cats and cute things

    • Milo milo Milo Richmond, Virginia

      I'm a derp. Catch me here:

    • Luna Hughsson brohoof Luna Hughsson Canada

      Is it obvious I love MLP? I'm kinda into web design and graphic design. Haven't yet tried my hand at drawing ponies yet.

    • Khain Trenton Ladely shadowdash Khain Trenton Ladely Athens, GA

      derpymail: [email protected] Soundcloud: Skype: Shadow_Dash

    • Northern Dash rpb3000 Northern Dash Springfield, OH

      20% cooler in 10 seconds flat.

    • Eric loak Eric Virginia Tech

      Hey, my name is Eric. I'm a college student, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I love to play DDR/ITG, I watch a lot of anime, and I am proud to be a brony!

    • Jonathan Burgess ral Jonathan Burgess Infamy

      N'er-do-well of the highest order.

    • urshilikai urshilikai urshilikai
    • Carlis Moore retl Carlis Moore

      I'm the guy who draws ponies bouncing on balloons. deviantArt: Twitter: Playstation Network: Retlverse BALLOONS EVERYWHERE. HUNDREDS OF THEM. Also I doodle silly things and like cute fun stuff in general. Toys/videogames/animation. The like. I'm just a silly guy.

    • Eric B nutterguy Eric B Admin Chicago

      I tend to be rather quiet and withdrawn, but once you get to know me you'll find that my humor often comes out of left field. My main interests these days are mmo's, physics, and ponies.

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