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  1. Hey, this group looks amazing! if you guys have any more meetup links that would be awesome!

    about a year ago from web
    • !savannahbronies anyone still here?

      Tuesday, 24-Sep-13 05:17:04 UTC from web
      • !savannahbronies ahah! I knew I wasn't alone! Just joined

        Tuesday, 24-Sep-13 05:16:39 UTC from web
        • Hello Everypony! I've just joined, and I was just wondering if someone could explain the basics of the group to me. !savannahbronies

          Thursday, 04-Oct-12 17:08:37 UTC from web
        • Hey Im new and was surprised that there were so many !savannahbronies

          Sunday, 19-Aug-12 18:38:32 UTC from web
        • !savannahbronies You guys are in the nightly roundup again! and this time I spot three very familiar faces, Hope it was a fun Scad party.

          Monday, 13-Feb-12 12:50:47 UTC from web
          • !savannahbronies Hey! We're in the nightly roundup!

            Sunday, 29-Jan-12 13:00:24 UTC from web
            • !savannahbronies I got my first Meetup planed. Jan 27 at 11:30am at Forsyth Park. Hopefully I'll see some of you there

              Friday, 20-Jan-12 10:26:42 UTC from web
              • HAY! !savannahbronies I started a meetup group on JOIN TODAY, so we plan the first meetup!

                Monday, 16-Jan-12 13:58:56 UTC from web
                • Hay !savannahbronies Lets get a meetup started! Because I'm sure alot ponies (including me) feel alone and can't find the means to meetup with ponies. And create everlasting friendships. I'm from

                  Tuesday, 10-Jan-12 07:52:17 UTC from web
                • !savannahbronies What's going, anypony doing anything for New years? I've got nothing and be alone. Tell me if any of youse plan anything

                  Friday, 30-Dec-11 23:48:11 UTC from web
                • Anypony in !savannahbronies wanna go trick or treating with me on Nightmare Night? I think all of my college friends are too cool for free candy and I don't want to go alone :(

                  Monday, 24-Oct-11 01:39:09 UTC from web
                  • Anypony in !savannahbronies goin' the [subtlesarcasm]long[/subtlesarcasm] way to AWA? I might be, and I wanna use all this friendship knowledge I collected. Who should I expect to befriend?

                    Thursday, 29-Sep-11 01:01:01 UTC from web
                  • So what does everypony here in !savannahbronies do? I just moved to Savannah a few months ago and I don't really know anyone or go out much yet. :x

                    Monday, 12-Sep-11 18:22:46 UTC from web
                    • @ellarcy I'm usually in school or hanging out in Forsyth or Beasley park with my dog. My roommates have parties a lot too. We're having one this Friday, if you'd want to come.

                      Tuesday, 13-Sep-11 19:17:08 UTC in context
                    • @wobot :D neat! I'll have to see what my plans are. :) Do you happen to be over 21? We go out to the Jinx every Wednesday night for bar bingo and we have game nights at our house, but it's always all my boyfriend's friends, it'd be nice to make some of my own, hehe ^-^;

                      Wednesday, 14-Sep-11 02:21:15 UTC in context
                    • @ellarcy I'm over 21, but Wednesday nights don't work very well for me. If it were Thursday night or over the weekend, I'd definitely check it out! Game nights sound fun! My situation is kind of similar; pretty much everyone who comes to our parties are my roommates' friends, who are nice and everything... but it'd be nice to have a few more of my own :)

                      Wednesday, 14-Sep-11 17:56:37 UTC in context
                  • I start my drive down to Savannah tonight and should be home in a couple days... Anypony from !savannahbronies want to be friends?

                    Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 22:47:18 UTC from web