(None of your concern) (shogun42)

  1. !atlantabronies I really wish I could have stayed for the whole meetup, Maybe next time though.

    Sunday, 27-May-12 13:36:04 UTC from web
  2. !atlantabronies I should be able to go to the meetup, just need to let my boss know and I'll be set

    Saturday, 19-May-12 12:01:56 UTC from web
  3. @floofyhoof Do you know how many are gonna show up that day for FWA? I would like to go, I just want to get an estimate of how many people are accually going to show up before I buy a ticket.

    Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 03:40:29 UTC from web in context
  4. !atlantabronies Anyone over in the Cartersville area today, gonna be up there for the rest of the day.

    Saturday, 18-Feb-12 16:30:40 UTC from web
  5. @nakedpops Thats definatly not a far drive, about 5 minutes away XD. I might buy some blind bags or maybe the box, but it really depends on the price.

    Friday, 17-Feb-12 23:27:13 UTC from web
  6. @nakedpops So have you gotten any other responses about that meetup, or am I the only one?

    Friday, 17-Feb-12 04:15:19 UTC from web in context
  7. @karadotcollett I would hate living inside the perimeter, I hate the traffic. Im only 15 minutes east of it though.

    Friday, 17-Feb-12 04:10:43 UTC from web
  8. !atlantabronies @jimmyjuce Accually If I remember, someone was planning that late last year. Not sure If its still gonna happen though.

    Thursday, 16-Feb-12 13:41:56 UTC from web
  9. !savannahbronies You guys are in the nightly roundup again! and this time I spot three very familiar faces, Hope it was a fun Scad party.

    Monday, 13-Feb-12 12:50:47 UTC from web
  10. !atlantabronies Its only 15 minutes away from me, So of course Im gonna show up. Just need to know when so I can clear my work schedule around it.

    Friday, 10-Feb-12 13:31:50 UTC from web
  11. @chipperlunaro If I find myself up there, or got nothing to do all day, I might head up there, its only 30 minutes away :D

    Wednesday, 25-Jan-12 00:58:03 UTC from web
  12. !atlantabronies @bronymcbroningson I'll join, but only thing is, it would take a 4 hour trip to get to savannah! XD. Not that I wouldn't try to make the trip anyway.

    Tuesday, 17-Jan-12 03:54:25 UTC from web in context