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Simon Says: Let's Play Video Games!

Simon Says: Let's Play Video Games!

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Video discussion and a place to plan co-op events for Simon Says.

Simon Says: Let's Play Video Games! (simonsays) group


  1. !simonsayslps spoilers:

    Wednesday, 18-Jun-14 14:07:30 UTC from web
    • Good morning! I can finally start publishing some Minecraft UHC videos I've been part of! !sslps

      Friday, 21-Mar-14 23:32:36 UTC from web
      • !simonsayslps Suddenly, a hard minecart level!

        Thursday, 27-Feb-14 22:49:39 UTC from web
        • !sslps Who would be interested in an LP of Donkey Kong Country by someone who's never played any of the games before?

          Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 22:08:31 UTC from web
          • I'm still not entirely sure I sold this, but hey. !sslps

            Sunday, 09-Feb-14 12:02:02 UTC from web
            • Well goodnight. Have this as a parting gift. !cah !sslps # (reposted with the nsfw tag, just to be sure)

              Thursday, 06-Feb-14 13:32:41 UTC from web
              • !sslps I'm making a playlist of favorites to go on that # page

                Tuesday, 04-Feb-14 11:18:23 UTC from web
                • !sslps You know, I don't know why it never occurred to me to start posting this around while the heatwave is/was going.

                  Tuesday, 04-Feb-14 11:05:30 UTC from web
                  • !sslps Who would be interested in watching a Feed The Beast singleplayer series? I'm thinking I will do a series on the Horizons mod pack (alternate mods) and maybe copy my house from the Deadbeats season 1 world in order to get a head start in vanilla resources.

                    Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 08:42:31 UTC from web
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                    • @neuraria I always play with friends, find interesting ways to create machines, and then inbetween, throw up as many stupid tricks to annoy everyone else as possible

                      Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 08:53:40 UTC in context
                    • @mrdragon Well after my initial period of "papayas apples apples what do I do WHAT DO I DO" (reminds me of when I first got on a survival multiplayer server, actually) I tend to see what everybody else who is much faster and experienced at FTB is doing and then completely blank on how to do it for a week or something. I work FTB (and even a bit of Minecraft) on a slow basis, just doing bits here and there or chipping away at things, and in the end that tends to make me far behind others. I don't even really know how to do a stable power source yet.

                      Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 09:03:32 UTC in context
                    • @neuraria I tend to wait a few months each time efore I go back on, Gregtech updated greatly lately, and I am really really eager in to trying that out again. Seeing what's new and just how hard it is to get to a Fusion Reactor now.

                      Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 09:20:06 UTC in context
                  • !sslps Another episode of Neu without a computer is on the way

                    Monday, 27-Jan-14 06:01:24 UTC from web
                  • Man, so this is an LP that never really got off the ground. Has anybody ever played the original Dungeon Siege (or the expansion, Legends of Aranna) or just likes long RPGs? I'm thinking of retrying this but as a co-op series.

                    I'm not entirely sure if my Deadbeats friends want to play it, so I want to see if anybody here is interested. Don't worry if you don't have the game, it's on Steam (at least the original DS without the Aranna addon) and I'll hook you up with the necessary things to play.

                    I might also include some mods, and if I do I'll have them somewhere where everyone joining in (up to 8 players) can download, because both the server and clients need them to play.

                    Sunday, 26-Jan-14 22:23:05 UTC from web