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Cards Against Humanity [NSFW]

Cards Against Humanity [NSFW]

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Ever played Apples to Apples? It's like that. But 100% more #lewd. And it has an online clone!

Cards Against Humanity [NSFW] (cardsagainsthumanity) group


  1. !cah #

    Thursday, 26-Mar-15 13:34:14 UTC from web
    • Some packs of my friends the Deadbeats and Layabouts for PYX. And one of me I'm doing. Injokes abound... #
      We Are The Deadbeats
      The Layabouts and Friends
      Simon Says Supplemental Set - actually, just ask for this one. WIP.

      Sunday, 24-Aug-14 09:30:22 UTC from web
      • The password is "here comes more crying" without quotes. #

        Sunday, 24-Aug-14 05:02:48 UTC from web
      • Password is "#". #

        Sunday, 11-May-14 03:38:20 UTC from web
      • Well goodnight. Have this as a parting gift. !cah !sslps # (reposted with the nsfw tag, just to be sure)

        Thursday, 06-Feb-14 13:32:41 UTC from web
        • !cah Cards against humanity anyone?

          Monday, 06-Jan-14 20:56:29 UTC from web
        • Play some cards with me. #

          Saturday, 04-Jan-14 00:23:58 UTC from web
        • Urg. Was anyone else in the !cah group notified of that post? (Or for that matter, of this one?)

          Tuesday, 24-Dec-13 17:08:41 UTC from web
        • Does anypony have a game of CAH going?

          Monday, 23-Dec-13 17:23:36 UTC from web
          • !cah !stream #

            Sunday, 15-Dec-13 23:51:31 UTC from web
            • Any games of CAH going on today?

              Friday, 13-Dec-13 16:22:17 UTC from web
            • !CAH current link?

              Tuesday, 10-Dec-13 18:41:00 UTC from web
            • !cardsagainsthumanity Anyone?

              Tuesday, 10-Dec-13 17:36:23 UTC from web
            • !cardsagainsthumanity Something worse than Hitler is literally worse than Hitler

              Monday, 09-Dec-13 19:46:32 UTC from web
              • Anyone up for a game of CAH?

                Monday, 09-Dec-13 18:59:35 UTC from web
                • !cah

                  Saturday, 07-Dec-13 12:16:15 UTC from web