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The Dunk Zone

The Dunk Zone

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Final Destination

Official Super Smash Bros. Group of RDN. Not Falco. No johns.

The Dunk Zone (smash) group


  1. damn !smash

    Friday, 05-Feb-16 03:10:45 UTC from web
    • !smash The reduction of lag on Lucas's grab in the most recent Smash 4 update improves his neutral game tremendously, since he relies on it for a lot of setups.

      Tuesday, 19-Jan-16 05:49:28 UTC from web
    • !smash Actually finished my first TAS. Rendering now.

      Friday, 08-Jan-16 01:10:59 UTC from web
    • !smash Working on a PM Pikachu Turbo Mode TAS, look out for that soon, I'm having a lot of fun with it.

      Tuesday, 05-Jan-16 23:04:54 UTC from web
      • !smash Best I could do with the G-man

        Sunday, 03-Jan-16 20:02:09 UTC from web
      • >tfw alone on new year's practicing !smash techs

        Friday, 01-Jan-16 04:27:58 UTC from web
        • !smash top dunk

          Thursday, 31-Dec-15 02:29:19 UTC from web
        • !smash

          Wednesday, 30-Dec-15 21:17:59 UTC from web
        • Okay, I've made a new !smash group for RDN for all our glorious Smash related shenanigans. Where are you at? Where are you at? Because you should make your way over. Fun times.

          Tuesday, 29-Dec-15 05:26:27 UTC from web