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Southern California Bronies

Southern California Bronies

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A group for the bronies in Southern California.

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  1. @scribus Hey, could you throw the meetup page link onto the !Socalbronies page here?

    Monday, 09-Apr-12 05:19:50 UTC from web
  2. !SoCal and !LAbronies - Beach Bonfire, April 14 in Huntington.

    Thursday, 05-Apr-12 06:36:30 UTC from web
    • !SoCal - Emergency Del Taco meet, happening online, right now!

      Thursday, 05-Apr-12 04:17:27 UTC from web
      • Woo! Just got back from the !SoCal March Mare-a-thon! And I saw the new ep there! :D [sp]V jnf ubcvat "Cbalivyyr Pbasvqragvny" jbhyq or zber yvxr "YN Pbasvqragvny" jnf. Lbh xabj, ubbxref gung ybbxrq yvxr 1950f pryroevgvrf, zber Xriva Fcnprl, guvatf yvxr gung. Ohg vg jnf tbbq abarguryrff. [/sp] #

        Sunday, 01-Apr-12 06:02:30 UTC from web
      • !socalbronies You should have the OC Beach Extravaganza thing at Huntington Beach.

        Wednesday, 28-Mar-12 05:08:32 UTC from web
        • The !socal Bronies RDN page has been dead for 2 months? *cracks knuckles* Looks like I've got some work to do.

          Monday, 26-Mar-12 21:05:33 UTC from web
        • Yeeeeeah, Sunday, lets go Lakers right !socal losers- I mean bronies?

          Sunday, 08-Jan-12 12:40:02 UTC from web
          • will any soon meetups be near the downtown or west LA area?

            Monday, 19-Dec-11 05:14:19 UTC from web
          • I just want to let everypony know that I have created a meet up group for bronies in the Inland Empire. So if you live close to this area please join. its called Inlandbronies and I believe you can find the details on my page. thank you

            Saturday, 10-Dec-11 23:14:53 UTC from web
          • Crummy shot of the !SoCal & !LAbronies meetup toy drive result. 29 pony toys, and more stuff on top of that. :3

            Saturday, 10-Dec-11 21:59:58 UTC from MuSTArDroid
            • hey, what's up Rainbow Dash Network?

              Wednesday, 07-Dec-11 06:13:57 UTC from web
            • !SoCal and !LAbronies - I hope I'm not repeating anything, but on December 10th we'll be gathering up to donate to the Toys-For-Tots toy drive. Pony toys are encouraged, but not required. More info on the Meetup page:

              Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 01:30:34 UTC from web
              • !socalbronies !labronies Hey everypony! The So Cal bronies group is holding a meetup on the 10th of December, so don't forget! Also, we'll be doing a toy drive as a part of Operation Winter Wrap Up (more info here: so bring a toy to donate. Meetup info and location here: note: you'll need an account to view this, but don't worry! We don't bite. Often.

                Thursday, 24-Nov-11 01:39:14 UTC from web
                • !SoCal & !LAbronies Hey everypony. I'm going to propose something my house owner jus gave me the green light on: I'm opening my livingroom and huge entertainment system for a pack of bronies to come over weekly for a group watch of each new ep. and whatever shenans / vids we wanna do after. I can take the first 8 willing or conveniently local ponies that are interested. If this sounds fun or yer tired of watching new episodes alone then hit me up! These will not be all-night parties, a couple hours is ideal. I live on Electric St. in Gardena. 90248 email and I'll do it mailing list style and we'll figure out a best time!

                  Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 05:50:57 UTC from web
                  • !SoCal & !LAbronies - The Camelot Golfland meetup has changed to Saturday, November 12th at 1:00 PM - that is 6 days and 22 hours from now! (provided I can do math). Meetup page is here:

                    Saturday, 05-Nov-11 22:06:03 UTC from web

                      Thursday, 03-Nov-11 18:18:30 UTC from web
                    • !SoCal !LAbronies - Group photo from the latest meetup, for any who haven't seen it on the Meetup page.

                      Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 21:46:15 UTC from web
                    • !SoCal and !LAbronies - This may be a little quick on the heels of the latest meetup, but with Thanksgiving this month and all... Friday, November 11th, 1:00 PM at Camelot Golfland (sadly, not Canterlot Golfland). More info at the Meetup site:

                      Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 19:05:14 UTC from web
                      • In fact, I figure I ought to link this to all the !SoCal and !LAbronies - Keep abreast of meetups, gatherings, and other get-togethers.

                        Monday, 31-Oct-11 19:39:54 UTC from web
                        • !SoCal and !LAbronies - Next Saturday, 10-29, a meetup in Montebello! Last one was an overwhelming success, let's make this one even better! Details this-a-way:

                          Saturday, 22-Oct-11 21:57:30 UTC from web
                        • !socalbronies any bakersfield bronies up in this? i really don't want to be the only one here. :<

                          Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:19:04 UTC from web
                          • Hey, !SoCal and !LAbronies - There is a # coming up on Saturday, October 29th in Montebello. More info can be found here:

                            Sunday, 16-Oct-11 19:33:17 UTC from web
                            • !socalbronies !labronies Hey guys! Don't forget about our meetup in October! We hope to see everypony attend! Have a flyer, too! Feel free to email us about questions or checkout the page at

                              Tuesday, 04-Oct-11 09:12:40 UTC from web
                              • !socalbronies !labronies hey everypony! how's you all doing this evening? getting excited about the upcoming meetup at the end of the month =) Any local ponies wanna chat? tehtrojanpony on gchat or CurryKatsu on AIM.

                                Tuesday, 04-Oct-11 02:36:05 UTC from web
                                • !soCal !LAbronies Ok.. think i'm getting the hang of this site now... :} Hello I'm new. Hmm based off that photo of the OC group I'm probably going to run into some people I know... I see a few. Anyway I live in Gardena & totally up for meeting anypony.

                                  Friday, 30-Sep-11 22:15:18 UTC from web
                                • !SoCal !LAbronies - In case you were unaware, there are photos up on the Meetup page. Especially of note: All of us but the photographer.

                                  Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 23:38:54 UTC from web
                                • Hey guys, here's a photo of the Orange County group! !socalbronies !labronies

                                  Monday, 26-Sep-11 03:30:11 UTC from web
                                • !socalbronies !labronies Awesome meetup! Oh my gawsh, I was pleasantly surprised at how many people attended! Can't wait until next month!

                                  Sunday, 25-Sep-11 08:25:17 UTC from web
                                  • I have been awake for almost 28 hours. I need to get ready for work in about 3 hours. The !SoCal and !LAbronies meetup was entirely worth it. :D Good to meet you, @gangstashy! Sorry about my penmanship, @jimbo. And now, I see if I can both fall asleep and wake up in time for work tonight.

                                    Sunday, 25-Sep-11 01:50:15 UTC from web
                                  • Dude, there's at least 40+ ponies here! :o !socal !labronies

                                    Saturday, 24-Sep-11 20:11:52 UTC from MuSTArDroid