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Bristol, VA/TN - Kingsport, TN - Johnson City, TN

This group is a place for Tri-cities bronies of all ages looking for friendship or other such magical things. Join us, and let's discuss ponies!

tricitybronies group


  1. So if anybody is paying attention to this group anymore I might end up going to Kingsport today

    Thursday, 04-Sep-14 19:17:01 UTC from web
  2. I'm just guessing this group is dead?

    Sunday, 10-Aug-14 01:04:47 UTC from web
  3. !tricitybronies *stares into the endless abyss that is this group* ...I don't think any of them are. I checked many of the profiles of those who responded and most of them haven't even been active on their accounts for months.

    Thursday, 07-Nov-13 23:42:00 UTC from web
  4. !tricitybronies who in this group is still active?

    Thursday, 07-Nov-13 23:41:06 UTC from web
    • !tricitybronies Yo! I need to make some more pony friends. I hear there are a ton of bronies in and around JC and Kingsport, but rarely ever see 'em. Season 4 is about to start in a few days and I'm going to LOSE MY MIND. :O

      Sunday, 03-Nov-13 02:24:48 UTC from web
    • !tricitybronies Hey I just joined live in Johnson city and would love to meet some people.

      Friday, 25-Oct-13 10:10:19 UTC from web
    • !tricitybronies So what is this group dead?

      Sunday, 13-Oct-13 09:50:39 UTC from web
      • !tricitybronies I'm going on the 22nd at 12pm to see Equestria Girls at the Johnson city carmike theater. Let me know if Anthony else is going.

        Sunday, 09-Jun-13 19:39:38 UTC from web
        • !tricitybronies I mean, is this group dead or what?

          Sunday, 12-May-13 23:37:52 UTC from web
        • !tricitybronies This group dead already? if not and there are bronies in Johnson City TN that want to meet up hit me up

          Thursday, 28-Mar-13 04:56:30 UTC from web
          • !tricitybronies so where is everyone U.U I need more local friends </3

            Tuesday, 12-Mar-13 02:31:09 UTC from web
            • !tricitybronies

              Saturday, 02-Mar-13 00:02:10 UTC from web
              • !tricitybronies * @firestar95

                Friday, 01-Mar-13 23:55:44 UTC from web
                • !tricitybronies So, anyone up for a meet-up sometime during the summer? I'd love to meet some fellow bronies in person other than @Fire

                  Friday, 01-Mar-13 23:54:59 UTC from web
                • Well !tricitybronies I might be heading to Kingsport today with my mom (that and I need a ride as it is) so if any of you live in Kingsport TN tell me

                  Saturday, 23-Feb-13 16:04:09 UTC from web
                • Hello !tricitybronies if any of you live in Kingsport, TN or Johnson City, TN tell me if you wanna meet up!

                  Saturday, 23-Feb-13 09:35:56 UTC from web
                  • !tricitybronies Huh, not used to finding Tri-Cities specific stuff for such a new fandom.

                    Friday, 08-Feb-13 02:31:53 UTC from web
                  • !tricitybronies Howdy, y'all. It can be hard findin' some Brony friends to hang out with that'll accept you fer how ya are. If you ever need a friend ta talk to about MLP or maybe meet up some day, I got me a Skype account, it's FantasticMrRob. Just let me know you're from this website befer I add ya.

                    Monday, 17-Dec-12 20:19:43 UTC from web
                  • !tricitybronies Hey guys, i don't really get on here anymore, but if you wanna arrange a meetup then add me on Skype: mick1324

                    Sunday, 25-Nov-12 05:25:09 UTC from web
                    • !tricitybronies Hello?

                      Saturday, 06-Oct-12 06:39:55 UTC from web
                    • !tricitybronies Dose any pony in this group still use this site other than me? Cause I have been talking to myself for about a month now, good thing I am a Gemini :p.

                      Friday, 17-Aug-12 06:11:57 UTC from web
                    • !tricitybronies I too am looking for some bronies to hang out with... anypony intrested in having a meet up ? Maybe sometime in July??? If anyone's interested in meeting up lets see if we can make plans... for a meetup. Who's up for it ?

                      Friday, 22-Jun-12 00:05:30 UTC from web
                      • !tricitybronies I hope I am doing this right lol. ^_^ Hello everypony I am Gemini Star aka Daniel, and I just wanted to say hello. I am glad to be a member of tricitybronies and can't wait to talk you you all. Have a nice day and talk to you latter.

                        Tuesday, 19-Jun-12 22:00:59 UTC from web