Tony Genovese (garyoak)'s status on Thursday, 12-Apr-12 21:03:10 UTC

  1. !bcbronies Due to the time of the expo and the viewing party, I'd like to request of anyone attending the meetup/the viewing party at 3ish to refrain from spoiling the episode if they saw it before coming. Anypony coming from a good distance away (Islanders such as myself) or those that want to be there for the Expo opening (10 AM, same time as the finale broadcast) won't have seen it. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't be too thrilled if I got spoiled on the last episode we'll be seeing for a good 5 months a few hours before I saw it for the first time.

    Thursday, 12-Apr-12 21:03:10 UTC from web

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