Brony Mike (bronymike)'s status on Friday, 13-Apr-12 00:44:15 UTC

  1. @tjdetweiler !bcbronies Lots of people don't like Facebook. One reason I specifically don't like Facebook for planning this stuff is that there are a LOT of subtle/secret/private bronies, and when planning on FB, either everything's too public and we'll scare off the shy people or everything's too private and we won't be discovered by external newcomers. This is an internally-contained place where people can plan brony stuff. Feel free to make a group if you want and link it in here a few times, but I'd like this to remain the main source for meetups and planning, or at the very least I'd like all plans for such to be mentioned on here.

    Friday, 13-Apr-12 00:44:15 UTC from web in context

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