Purple Tinker (purpletinker)'s status on Wednesday, 16-May-12 16:48:31 UTC

  1. @abigpony @comradeconventrix I know I've been down a LOT in the past few (6?) months. When I ran the con, I was always in 'go mode', overstressed, crabby, and often taken for granted ('oh, I'm going to the con, I can crash at your place, right?'). After I stepped down, I was being falsely accused of multiple heinous felonies, and none of the other 'famous bronies' stood up and said 'guys, this is wrong'. I felt abandoned. I'm working on improving my mood and outlook, but you don't recover overnight from experiences like this. I've always focused on doing what is right, not necessarily on being sweet. That's bit me in the butt. If you're grumpy, nobody will care how much awesome stuff you do. A great piece of wisdom that I've finally come to realise if 'if you're angry, nopony will care if you're right; if you're sweet, nopony will care if you're wrong.' I've always prioritised doing what is right, or what needs to be done-- often at the cost of my own mood, health and public image.

    Wednesday, 16-May-12 16:48:31 UTC from web


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