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  1. @carcino Yes. If he saw an army coming, he would wake up the entire party, freaking out, and scream "THEY'RE COMING" "What is coming?" "SOLDIERS" "How many?" "THEY'RE LIKE FOOOURRR" We walked around killing everything. First we were at a tabern, the barbarian went to play dice with some villagers, the villagers ignored him, there was a fight, and I burned down the tabern. The bard and the thief went to the back, stole all valuables, and then when the guard came the mage and the thief carried a body through the window to look like they were helping. And then I wrote "Puto el que lee" in the wall in daedric so the people would think demons were responsible. At the other day everyone was talking about the return of the dark lord and the end of the world.

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