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  1. @ceruleanspark Here's my old post covering FiM MU*s PonyMUSH and EquestriaMUCK are the main SFW rivals I've seen, but there's always the chance that there's some I just haven't seen. Since that original post, Discordia (Adults Only. No link. Featured on Equestria After Dark.) launched which has a lot more characters. It's not ALL porn, but with the age gate at the front, a lot of what happens is porn or fetish-centric. They're also really relaxed with regards to Alternate Universe ponies mingling, so there's lots and lots of Main6 variants to choose from. ;3 And more recent is Role Play is Magic. They have and Smaller playerbase for being fresh, but they plan to play the 'Keep to show-canon as close as possible' angle now that Equestrian Dawn is decidedly diverging away in coming months.

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