Jonathan Otte (sidos)'s status on Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 03:40:54 UTC

  1. @nerv !centralflbronies Leaves it open so they can do whatever they want, they can bring back anyone they want because no one is ever killed off. Tho I think they have already said they would not be revisiting anything from the movie. So I don't think sunset shimmer is coming back. I did send a message to Digibrony about something he could review tho. Nothing they would really bring up in the show but what is Sunset Shimmer's future? She is a pony and she is going to stay human? She going to grow up and have kids? She going to tell them about her life in equestria? Is Lauren Faust the daughter of Sunset Shimmer and is telling the story of MLP because her mom use to be a unicorn? XD This is all just coming out of nowhere just something interesting to think about.

    Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 03:40:54 UTC from web in context