Nathanael Brabant (nerv)'s status on Sunday, 06-Oct-13 17:12:30 UTC

  1. @sidos !centralflbronies well was there really a human twilight i know pinkie mentioned someone looking like twilight and also having a dog in the city but we never seen or heard beyond that and that brings up a lot of questions like if twilight had to have a double then what ever happened to the human double of sunset shimmer? or does the human world have to follow a similar path as equestria or in that world the human twilight never meets the other 5. If the person in the city really is another twilight is she destined to for some reason move to where the other girls are at? because remember what caused twilight to meet the other 5 in pony ville was nightmare moon but there was no nightmare moon only luna so what would cause the human twilight to move? also this is just from memory and im not certain but wasnt there a hint of sunset shimmer becoming the twilight of the human world near the end like someone said she has a lot to learn about friendship or something.

    Sunday, 06-Oct-13 17:12:30 UTC from web in context

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