Nathanael Brabant (nerv)'s status on Saturday, 12-Oct-13 22:26:33 UTC

  1. @sidos !centralflbronies becoming a dictator whose rule maintained by fear. Or discord being an element of chaos or specifically madness and his power to alter rules and make order disappear and the world have no rhyme or reason. Perhaps even luna has seen these other elements first hand hmm? Finally what if this entity returned seeking to become whole once again and through the trials that follow in his wake the main 5 learn the deeper power in their elements and what opposes them. Also noted i say he because i also had the idea if what if part of this entity was someone that celestia and luna were once very close to but forgotten even existed as a result from the separation. food for thought

    Saturday, 12-Oct-13 22:26:33 UTC from web in context

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