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  1. !mnbronies @jervill @meltian @javadocs @primev2 @ponyoftime @rose @bubblegum @rex @necromas @shaneb @mimiaru @ponylove @duffsterz @ionstorm @loveandtoleratecheese @rollout @cyclone @bassewitz @soundwave3000 @davidreinold @katsotse @larathin @fluttershy321 @invadershadowpony @zentha @revan @pvthotsalsa @muninns @silverglade @gami You are cordially invited to the the mnbronies meetup. We plan on going to Nickelodeon Universe, some shoppinga, and a lunch/dinner. Where: Mall of America When: Saturday, August 6th 10-11AM Meetup spot: Lego Land If you need carpool, bus fare, or have other questions please post in the mnbronies thread http://rainbowdash.net/group/mnbronies. Be sure to include "!mnbronies" in your post or @gami / @silverglade.

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