Equestria Daily Mailpony (eqdpony)'s status on Saturday, 15-Mar-14 18:30:04 UTC

  1. Flash Event: ROCK POETRY: It's time to build a common ground with MAUD good Citizens of Equestria Daily. Our highly trained team of research interns have concluded that only 10% of you currently have a history in poetry, and only .1% of those have written any outside of High School. This leaves a miscroscopic amount of .001% that have written something about rocks.TIME TO CHANGE THAT. It is time, dear readers, TO CELEBRATE THE ROCK. >http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/03/flash-event-rock-poetry.html http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/715149

    Saturday, 15-Mar-14 18:30:04 UTC from Sethisto


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