Trappy Tickles (trappytickles)'s status on Thursday, 08-May-14 12:06:34 UTC

  1. Now that I watched the G1 episodes "Rescue at Midnight Castle" 1 and 2, i have the feeling it can be highly linked to G4 in some points (And i learned later that it was one of Lauren Faust's main inspirations)... like (spoiler alerts):
    - Nightmare Moon's spirit can be the same evil spirit that transformed the prince into Tirac.
    - The Rainbow Power Megan obtains can be reincarnated into Rainbow Dash.
    - Spike, Applejack and Twilight are reincarnations of Spike, Applejack and Twilight Sparkle (duh!)
    - There's no sea ponies in G4 because the species extincted, sadly.
    - It definitely happens some time before Celestia and Luna's births. Months? Years? Centuries? Who knows?

    I should definitely write something about that, for fun :p

    Thursday, 08-May-14 12:06:34 UTC from web in context