DigitalDomain123 (digitaldomain123)'s status on Monday, 19-Jan-15 02:19:41 UTC

  1. For the past 3 days I've been spending an insane amount of time in my bedroom just drawing and inking and drawing and inking and drawing and inking, etc. I've been getting little to no sleep as well as little to no eating just sitting in my chair and drawing what ever. Its almost like an addiction then a passion sometimes. Just recently, I've spent maybe 17-19 hours doodling sketches till my wrists feel like they need to be amputated. So much that every 20 or so mins, I have to wait for my wrists to stop aching.

    I'm sure some of you spend this much time sometimes on just drawing and I don't want to say its really a bad thing but its growing to be a concern when my own passion is robbing me of my sleep and meals.

    I'm normally alone most of the day and I have no internet on my main laptop so its just music and a few PC games that'll keep me occupied. Leaving me with the only other thing that kills most of my time.

    Monday, 19-Jan-15 02:19:41 UTC from web

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