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  1. !thebronyshow "The Brony Show 198 - The Brony Show watches and reacts to EQG: Friendship Games

    Hello everypony. The new Equestria Girls movie has just released and we haven't seen it yet. So we're going to have some fun and the crew of The Brony Show is going to watch this live and give our first reactions to the new movie. Come and watch!

    Be sure to join us at at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. Also be sure to stay after for Crimson's oatmeal galore afterparty. if you want us to email you about events going on with the show, just email and ask to be subscribed. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at and ask for a spot. They fill up fast so be sure to reach us quickly."

    Tuesday, 06-Oct-15 00:00:01 UTC from web

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