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  1. @thismightbeauser It's a fan series where all the ponies have antisocial personalities. Twlight: rabid anime-obsessed fanfiction writer. Fluttershy: Still shy, threatens murder to control her animals, is part dragon (dragonness is recessive!). Rainbow Dash: She rainbow dashes and dashes rainbows. Talks like a Pokemon and is generally completely inept. Applejack: The element of -loyalty- " *honesty* " Pinkie Pie: Secretly a witch trying to resurrect her parents. Loves to sing about her tragic childhood as an orphan to inappropriately gleeful tunes. Rarity: Loves giant hats. Sweetie Belle: Secretly a robot. Talks like a robot and is not waterproof, but no one seems to notice. Spike: The punching bag. Gets injured and made fun of constantly. Princess Molestia: Spirit name Luna. Talks in a thick accent. Tries too hard to be liked and comes across as weirder than Twilight. Princess Celestia: Voiced by a dude. Secretly hates Twilight and sends her on nonsense missions.

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