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  1. @thismightbeauser So you not only need to completely reshape the economy of most countries but also need to regulate the population of each to levels their own land can sustain (without further destroying the environment to grow more crops)
    Some countries have a food surplus of 10 times their internal consumption, so they can keep their current populations without issue. But what happens with a country that has a food deficit of say, 50% of consumption? the population has to be cut in half or starve. Either way, you have a disaster in your hands with no clean way to solve it. You can pick between genocide, mass starvation or civil war, neither acceptable by any humanitarian standard. And you can be sure it'll spill to neighbouring regions.

    In short, environmental damage is such a big issue because there's no clean way of solving it, nations and fortunes depend on the wheel spinning, and genociding the world to a sustainable population numbers is off the table.

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