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    CloudVOTE is a cloud-based education and training platform that offers centralized learning content management with offline sync, online and offline audience polling, and free-from texting within a secure and private single-tenant, or multi-tenant environment. CloudVOTE provides you with a way to control content from a central location and manage its distribution according to your organization’s rules and structure. With CloudVOTE, you design your presentations in PowerPoint, then store them securely in the cloud and have your audience interact with them live, in real time. CloudVOTE offers company-wide account hierarchy that ensures only specific content is distributed to specific accounts. The same hierarchy is able to limit what level of reporting is available to each level of access. CloudVOTE is completely customizable and allows the training workflow and process to be streamlined and simplified to maximize comprehension, as well as trainee tracking and processing. CloudVOTE minimizes the duration of execution of each training session, thus reducing the time away from the production line, or the office, maximizing the profitability and compliance.

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