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    Welcome to, the largest inflatable products online shop!

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    We are speciallizing in the manufacturer and exporter of inflatable products, such as Zorb, Zorb ball, Zorbing Balls, Zorbing Ramp With high quality and competitive price, our products have been sold to all over the world and have attained high praises from our customers. We hope to win more customers from overseas. Please contact us today for more information. We commit to give you best service for all your request. See below our contact . US Sales Office Address: 1682 pulaski Dr,Blue Bell,PA19422,USA Japan Sales Office Address:4-10-2 SUMIYOSHI-CHO, KARIYA-SHI,AICHI-KEN,JAPAN,448-0852 Email: Service Tel USA: (001)215-764-6161

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    Dentro de los hinchables, las bolas inflables son los productos más vendidos y populares, incluyendo zorbing, bumper ball (fútbol burbuja), water ball (pelotas inflables para caminar sobre el agua), etc.

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    Zorb Ball, It is one of the most exciting and safe participating leisure entertainment programs in the world. Zorbing Ball is translucent sphere, in the outer ball with diameter of 2.8 meters and 2 meters between an inner sphere filled the air, during which consists of thousands of anchor bar connection. Can simultaneously for 2 people to play.Park,Amusement Park,Amusement park,Holiday Resort,Water playground,To learn

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    With this type of zorb soccer in usa, one relaxes the muscles he is trying to stretch and relies on the external force to hold them in place. You do not necessarily have to work very hard so as to do a passive stretch but there is always a risk that the external forces may be stronger than you are flexible which might result in injuries.

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    A zorbing ball is a double-sectioned sphere, wherein one ball is placed inside the other.Both the balls are separated by a layer of air between them.Both the balls are separated by a layer of air between them.The ride is extremely safe as the rider is harnessed inside the inner ball and all the violent bouncing is absorbed by the bigger ball outside. As the ball starts to roll, the rider tumbles and spins around, enjoying the revolving view outside. A fun-filled experience, rides in zorbing balls are becoming increasingly popular among all age groups.Zorb is a large inflated plastic ball, with another ball inside in which you roll down a hill-reaching speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour! Zorb is very safe, as there is a cushion of air between you and the ground.