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  1. BOFH excuse #:

    T-1's congested due to porn traffic to the news server.

    about a year ago from
  2. [b]Nightly Roundup #[/b]: Calpain here after returning from the mystical land of Ohio! Yep, I got my lease today to continue ponying it up in the State below me so come visit me sometime in Ohio around the Athens area! Anyhow, time for some news! >

    Saturday, 04-Aug-12 19:00:06 UTC from Calpain
  3. [b]Drawfriend Stuff #[/b]: We haven't had a Rarity edition in forever.  The poor girl seems to have faded away after her big Sweet and Elite episode. The blogger slowdown should be fixed soonish.  The help forums are being bombarded, and the engineers are looking into it.  Until then, ctrl+click! Have some art ! New banner by >

    Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 00:10:10 UTC from Sethisto

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