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  1. Die NPD - Kuchen Talks #: via @YouTube

    about 4 months ago from
  2. Sweetheart, I was just listening to the Apple Mango song #: 'I Love You, I Want You, I Need You'

    about 9 months ago from in context
  3. Simple PMV Compilation #: PMVS! We have a new season, so technically we should have more scenes to mix around and throw music at.  Combin those with the old, and you have boatloads of them! Get five below.  >

    about a year ago from Sethisto
  4. Music of the Day #: We have 17 songs from all sorts of genres this time around.  Hopefully something strikes your interest! Now go listen! >

    Monday, 04-Feb-13 04:10:03 UTC from Sethisto
  5. [b]Wallpaper Compilation #[/b]: I really want to see that hobbit movie.  I don't even remember the book. Have some wallpapers! >

    Tuesday, 10-Jul-12 18:42:17 UTC from Sethisto
  6. [b]Wallpaper Compilation #[/b]: When he looked right through me, with somniferous almond eyes. Don't even know what that means... must remember to . Wallpapers, Rarity, etc. Click, break, etc. >

    Friday, 22-Jun-12 05:21:05 UTC from Cereal Velocity
  7. [b]Plushie Compilation #[/b]: Time for some Fleur because every pony has to have a plush edition at some point! See? She's already posed and ready for her debut. More plush ponies coming your way guys! Check them out after the break. >

    Sunday, 06-May-12 21:10:04 UTC from Calpain
  8. [b]Custom Compilation #[/b]: Hope you all are having a happy Easter weekend everyone. Remember, Pinkie advises you to eat as much candy and chocolate as you can so make sure you don't disappoint her. Custom time once again! Check them all out after the break. >

    Sunday, 08-Apr-12 04:10:06 UTC from Calpain
  9. ♺ @firusvg: Full Circle Magazine # out NOW! /via @fullcirclemag !ubuntu !linux

    Friday, 24-Feb-12 21:22:00 UTC from
  10. Full Circle Magazine # out NOW! /via @fullcirclemag !ubuntu !linux #

    Friday, 24-Feb-12 21:17:06 UTC from
  11. Full Circle Magazine # out NOW! /via @fullcirclemag !ubuntu !linux #

    Friday, 24-Feb-12 21:14:21 UTC from


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