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  1. Simple PMV Compilation #: Simple PMV's! We have the usual five of them tonight, with all sorts of topics heading them.  Get them down below! >

    about 3 months ago from Sethisto
  2. Rule #// Cornering confidence increases with time and experience.This pattern continues until it falls sharply and su

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  3. RD @mnichman I have !linux - # # bit - you were right @theru great system!

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  4. I have !linux - # # bit - you were right @theru great system!

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  5. Music of the Day #: Poor Luna up there on the moon all alone. I hear she listens to Music of the Day posts to pass the time, along with her usual giant statue creation and the like. >

    about a year ago from Sethisto
  6. #, to my taste. Not to say there wasn't some nice stuff in there, but nothing interesting enough to hold my attention.

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  7. Equestria Inquirer #: That's a lot of issues! Have a , and Youtube video after the break!  Derpy Hooves is a Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash is a xenocider, Pinkie Pie is a hulked out hugger, Mason al'Cat is a salty veteran and Lttgoose is dead! No! Goose! You could have been my wing-pony! >

    Friday, 21-Dec-12 06:10:04 UTC from Sethisto
  8. [b]Wallpaper Compilation #[/b]: rar·i·ty sphere/ˈre(ə)ritē sfi(ə)r/ Noun: The state or quality of being rare in a spherical manner: the rarity of the condition. A thing that is circularly rare, esp. one having particular value as a result of this: to take the morning off was a rarity. >

    Sunday, 09-Sep-12 01:10:03 UTC from Cereal Velocity
  9. [b]Plushie Compilation #[/b]: Don't see too many Gilda plushies out there, so while she isn't many people's character lets have an edition for her anyway! It's that time again for pony plushies! Check them out after the break. >

    Wednesday, 06-Jun-12 19:21:09 UTC from Calpain in context
  10. [b]Custom Compilation #[/b]: Time for some foal sitting so Twilight's mother can have a day to herself. Happy Mother's Day everyone! Even more custom ponies headed your way after the break. >

    Sunday, 13-May-12 23:42:06 UTC from Calpain
  11. !sportponies # Hour thirteen. A couple of guff pitstops, from Joest, Level 5 (LMP2), and Chevrolet don't shake up the order too much, but all four works LMP1 are now on the same lap,mostly because the Peugeot are running on soft tyres. Oreca and Greaves swapped positions again, but they're still on the same lap. The Middle East AMR went off again, and Lotus # gave up due to a mechanical problem. Also the Eurosport commentators are Really bored.

    Sunday, 12-Jun-11 02:01:07 UTC from web