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  1. Nightly Roundup #: I'm pretty disappointed in some of you tonight.  The amount of off topic conversations has been appaling in recent posts especially when you can be off topic as you want in Roundups at the end of the day.As a result I have this warning, I will be temp banning individuals who go off topic too many times and then permabanning them if they continue to remain off topic outside of the Roundup or outside old posts on th >

    Saturday, 15-Mar-14 04:30:03 UTC from Calpain
  2. Drawfriend Stuff #: The most epic pretty pink alicorn princess out there.  I never thought I'd actually like this character, and then I had her as a cellphone wallpaper. Onward to art! Cadence >

    Tuesday, 10-Sep-13 22:10:05 UTC from Sethisto

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